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I am just a plain ole country boy here to have fun and meet new people.Maybe make some friends along the way.As for anything else who knows what might happen but I ain't holding my breathe
Goodyear • Male • 54 years old
Goodyear • Female • 37 years old
Call me old fashion but I love sewing, being crafty and painting. woo
Goodyear • Female • 30 years old
I'm selling all my friends out for this open road, late night drives and distant skies, will i see you i don't know . . .
Goodyear • Male • 101 years old
;) u wanna talk to me u can find me on fb, but talk to me on here first!!
Goodyear • Female • 35 years old
Goodyear • Male • 28 years old
Goodyear • Female • 28 years old
Goodyear • Male • 36 years old
Just a girl
Goodyear • Female • 36 years old
Average guy . all possible screw ups in life completed and ready to find someone to share life with .
Goodyear • Male • 46 years old
I'm 18 years old and fresh out of high school. I'm looking for a job and in that crummy stage of finding a car, a way to move out and start on my own. Its all good though. I'm a nice person. Cool...
Goodyear • Female • 27 years old
Goodyear • Female • 28 years old
im 18 year old i love to party and have fun im love to readf and draw
Goodyear • Female • 26 years old
Goodyear • Male • 50 years old
Goodyear • Male • 58 years old
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