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I try not to be judgmental and my weakness would be taking everything into logic, and at times too personal. I am an education junkey! I love the challenge and the idea of knowledge. I am a...
Semmes • Female • 52 years old
Semmes • Male • 41 years old
Semmes • Female • 32 years old
Semmes • Female • 58 years old
Semmes • Female • 29 years old
i'm a humble animator. i just wanna be on stage or making cartoons, or doing what will make me happy again...
Semmes • Male • 32 years old
Semmes • Female • 40 years old
Semmes • Male • 35 years old
Semmes • Female • 49 years old
I'm just looking for someone to chat with maybe to get a phone number I'm straight but flexable if I get to know you
Semmes • Male • 37 years old
Semmes • Female • 20 years old
So here we go.. Hope you like it :) I am not a native Mobilian. I have been here since 1984 and I like it here just fine. I was raised in the military and moved around a lot. .Yes,...
Semmes • Male • 58 years old
Semmes • Female • 42 years old
Notta whole to say really,there's not much that I hadn't already done.Lived my 1st half having fun partying ,acting crazy hunting, fishing ,playing sports , living my other half as...
Semmes • Male • 43 years old
Semmes • Female • 33 years old
Semmes • Male • 36 years old
Semmes • Male • 26 years old
Semmes • Male • 42 years old
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