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Consciousness is one's opinion of reality built on warped memories of the self. You are a personality tethered to the limitations of rotting flesh. -ZhЯ ZŦĦ Knowledge is a mirror that allows us...
Soldotna, Alaska • Female • 28 years old
Ask me • Male • 115 years old
Salina, Kansas • Male • 58 years old
San Francisco, California • Female • 26 years old
Fight them until we can't. "When you go to the sea, I will be waiting for you at the shore." Wire Rules: http://www.wireclub.com/topics/off_topic/conversations/Tt5CyQM8CwsMmmHa0 Wire Emote...
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Female • 33 years old
MrHamster Away
I do remote Tech Support for a online company. I don't mind helping people who want to be helped. If you are nice then I am nice :).
Flint, Michigan • Male • 39 years old
Darth Away
Avert your eyes!
Why, Arizona • Male • 115 years old
Dallas, Texas • Male • 42 years old
If love is shelter, I wanna walk in the rain...or dance in it. :wookie:
Sage, Wyoming • Female • 116 years old
Commerce, Michigan • Female • 47 years old
hah is this where i write sumthn bout myself? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIM5x_6RSFs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2e4IEmiruA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwmmnV_bcQU&feature=related...
San Diego, California • Female • 111 years old
Hello:) I am not looking for a boyfriend or wanted to hook up with men here..so please be my friend .Im a WireClub superhero , Peace agent, who believe that" if you mastered patience, you can...
Bridgehampton, New York • Female • 30 years old
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