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I'm a very principled and open-minded individual. Every view I hold is generally very seriously considered. I'm not willing to (nor should I have to) listen to your views if they're full of illogical...
Birmingham • Female • 30 years old
Im a musical theatre student from Birmingham, England. I act, I dance, I sing and I play!
Birmingham • Female • 29 years old
hello there every one My name is Darren aka Dj amazing i can befound in life and wordy annd a also in various room,s and also i am currently single and looking for girlfriend who is honesty and...
Birmingham • Male • 122 years old
Passionate about music, alcohol, friends and vintage clobber.
Birmingham • Female • 29 years old
Hello my name darren anthony dubberley I am good honest person who believe,s life is like a open book once you start reading it you begin understand the value of it back ground and that i have...
Birmingham • Male • 40 years old
Birmingham • Male • 55 years old
hi my name is darren dubberley i have been on wire for long time i am made to be lonely :(
Birmingham • Male • 40 years old
Birmingham • Female • 41 years old