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Zoetermeer • Female • 24 years old
19 yo college student from holland :)
Zoetermeer • Female • 24 years old
Just know a lil about philosophy, religion, Budhism, Quantumphysics.
Zoetermeer • Male • 49 years old
Zoetermeer • Female • 117 years old
I dont do Duality concept as a final concept. I am a healer and a friend to all.
Zoetermeer • Male • 48 years old
Zoetermeer • Female • 33 years old
Zoetermeer • Male • 47 years old
Zoetermeer • Female • 31 years old
moet je zelf maar vragen aan mij
Zoetermeer • Male • 41 years old
My name is Alberto Statti and I'm a gaming enthusiast. I got my first console a Sega Megadrive with Street of rage and have been hooked on gaming every since, I write blogs about the industry and the...
Zoetermeer • Male • 29 years old
Ready to meet the world.
Zoetermeer • Male • 47 years old
I work a social worker at the local governement, I do fitness to stay healthy, a lot of social contacts and I like visiting different countries. Thats why love chatting around the world to make...
Zoetermeer • Male • 49 years old
We're sixteen and from the Netherlands.
Zoetermeer • Female • 21 years old
Zoetermeer • Male • 32 years old
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