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hii, I like to talk to foreigners to improve my English! I'm open to any conversations
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 18 years old
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 31 years old
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 41 years old
Does not mean I know everything, I can only access google
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 29 years old
Just a normal computer guy enjoying the culture and tradition that Japan has to offer !
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 36 years old
Filipino-Spanish Egyptian working in Japan
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 29 years old
I love Books and I love making Movies
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 62 years old
こんにちは, I just moved to Japan a month ago and now live in Yokohama. I'm American Indian and I LOVE to party, play football, basketball, games or just watch a movie and I love food too!! :P Love to...
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 30 years old
Tôi đang học tiếng Việt. Tôi rất thích Việt Nam! ^_^)
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 65 years old
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 52 years old
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 51 years old
i am simple
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 33 years old
I am a high school student in year eleven in my home country though right now I am on a student exchange trip to Japan.
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 27 years old
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 66 years old
21, tall, white, British, in Japan, adventure, photography and friends are my joy. Here to meet cool people to hang out with around Japan, that's all. :D boku ha nihongo ga sukoshi hanasemasu.
Yokohama-Shi • Male • 28 years old
Yokohama-Shi • Female • 45 years old
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