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Dublin • Female • 46 years old
What I like to do: Travel, shopping, relaxing, clubbing, going to malls, eat out, jog, visit touristy areas, spend time with friends/family etc. Profession: I am a trolley dolly.
Dublin • Female • 26 years old
Dublin • Female • 52 years old
Dublin • Female • 21 years old
Just here to chat , Not Skype, Whatsapp, or Gmail : )
Dublin • Female • 45 years old
Usually have a song quote as this but mixing it up cause I'm mad like that ha. Don't add me if u want to start talking about sex add me if ur funny and like a bit of banter. If u can't be sarcastic...
Dublin • Female • 38 years old
I drink the universe in a cup of rain. <3
Dublin • Female • 31 years old
dean292 Online
well what can i say i am just an average guy.i love music moves reading and i also love to travel
Dublin • Male • 39 years old
Dublin • Female • 23 years old
. my interests are in thee arts...) travel... cafe style ...)
Dublin • Female • 55 years old
Dublin • Male • 41 years old
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