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fk the pain away...
Huangcun • Male • 35 years old
1. I just can't tolerate the fact of being a nobody,trying hard to make a change. 2. I know I've some imperfections,just dont collect them all and throw them in my face!
Huangcun • Male • 34 years old
When you leave, please leave my shadow!
Huangcun • Male • 39 years old
hello,everyone.. I'm Jassica. Let's make friends,here~ I'm an easy-going girl who wantna be a successful and elegant lady~ ;)
Huangcun • Female • 35 years old
:D :) I am looking for all-weather friends, who can share all my happinese and sorrow.If I got some, it's my fortune; if not, my fate.i like italian food,italian songs and the bella lingua. i m...
Huangcun • Female • 38 years old
Huangcun • Female • 30 years old
I'm a college student,studying accountancy.My favorite thing is listening to music.I like piano music,and classical music.On the other hand,I like movie star,too.I'm good at playing tennis.Some guys...
Huangcun • Female • 34 years old
Hi there~ I'm Alex from China. I wish to meet some nice people on this site. Glad to make friends with you, if you are not so bad :-p
Huangcun • Male • 36 years old
Although much time has passed, i still remember our wonderful time together.
Huangcun • Female • 34 years old
brando1203@h o t is my email... i want make friends with you!
Huangcun • Male • 38 years old
i want to make a lot lot lot of friends.
Huangcun • Female • 34 years old
Welcome to my which is the biggest and best developed internet shop . I sell lots kinds of named shoes with a lower price
Huangcun • Female • 37 years old
(H) nothing
Huangcun • Male • 38 years old
a candidate doctor, my major is computer science.
Huangcun • Male • 54 years old
i'm a GUY who live in Shenzhen and Hongkong, wanna get many friend both female and male. Please feel free to know me!
Huangcun • Male • 38 years old
:P to be actually i dont know how to describe myself,you wanna know me,contact me!
Huangcun • Female • 38 years old
hello, im francesca, from china. Next year i will go to America for study. In fact, im 16 years old. lol... NYU is my dream... And i like to make friends.... XOXO... my...
Huangcun • Female • 32 years old
A freelance model.aint makeing much, but sure enjoying it
Huangcun • Female • 35 years old