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I'm new to WireClub, just looking to chat and make friends. Not looking for hookups or propositions or to share my whole life story in the first 5 mins of chatting with someone...
London • Female • 45 years old
London • Female • 32 years old
im 25 have 2 kids that i love to death
London • Female • 33 years old
Kinda shy Like cats Like baseball and golf Cursed with the odd bout of depression * if convo gets too interrogative I'll probably log out, So please no real personal stuff. Recently met...
London • Female • 26 years old
Canadagent Online
London • Male • 33 years old
London • Male • 47 years old
I am currently in school for addiction worker and I have my diploma in CSW. Eventually I want my psychology degree to branch out into the mental health field.
London • Female • 31 years old
I am a 63 year old woman who is planning to move to Equador on my own at age 65 and would like to talk to people about the country.
London • Female • 71 years old
dont complicate things make it simple
London • Female • 46 years old
Older men interest me
London • Female • 42 years old
London • Male • 39 years old
London • Female • 29 years old
London • Male • 39 years old
London • Female • 38 years old
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