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I am 25 years old. I am finishing school and entering university for meteorology next year. I have been studying and doing weather for 21 years. I run my own local weather center and website, (YWC7)...
Barrington • Male • 28 years old
Barrington • Male • 38 years old
live life and be happy, its not long enuff to be wasting away
Barrington • Male • 51 years old
Kinda busy, a little too busy to meet people in social situations. I like meeting people over the net, you can always delete the unwanted. Question is are you going to delete me? Let me chat you up...
Barrington • Male • 44 years old
Barrington • Male • 35 years old
i love aminals and nice and good and sweet.. (but my other side of me doesn't)hahaha and i'm not joking!!
Barrington • Female • 30 years old
I am really 11 Years old and I love Sports And Music And girls but I am Not Single
Barrington • Male • 31 years old
Barrington • Male • 53 years old
Barrington • Male • 36 years old
Barrington • Female • 33 years old
Barrington • Male • 56 years old
Barrington • Male • 51 years old
Barrington • Female • 20 years old