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You can only PM me if you are a friend. I won't friend someone until they have chatted with me in main chat a few times.
Winnipeg • Female • 44 years old
Winnipeg • Female • 30 years old
Winnipeg • Female • 54 years old
Winnipeg • Female • 36 years old
I dont like PMing. Poof!
Winnipeg • Female • 31 years old
I am chaos. I am stability that always yields. I am the night that never ends. People seek and claim to understand my borders but few have truly sought and fewer still have understood....
Winnipeg • Female • 43 years old
Winnipeg • Female • 27 years old
Dangerous... alluring yet a bit cold at heart, delicate as a white rose pinned to a ginger queen. It will force you into my grasp and never leave your soul. - My essence
Winnipeg • Female • 31 years old
I will not add instant friend requests-- try actually talking to me for more than 5 minutes.
Winnipeg • Female • 35 years old
Winnipeg • Female • 119 years old
Winnipeg • Female • 61 years old