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Best enjoyed while inebriated. Now with 50% less tar.
Vancouver • Male • 36 years old
I like to enjoy life, not worry about the small stuff and appreciate the people and beauty around me
Vancouver • Male • 55 years old
Vancouver • Female • 20 years old
im looking for make freind only
Vancouver • Male • 45 years old
Im cj, chase, some call me alex, or just 77...but noooooooooo chasey whatsoever or ill go cry to my mommy :'( oh wait she calls me chasey too :@:@
Vancouver • Male • 28 years old
Sex, drugs, partying, clubbing sum me up pretty well. Life hasn't been perfect though ask if you want.
Vancouver • Female • 26 years old
heyy i'm Serena's sister right now Serena recently got married to Jake Tapper and on the day of the honeymoon Jake forgot to wear a condom while having s*x so he released sperm into Serena's vagina...
Vancouver • Female • 25 years old
Kheetah Mobile
Vancouver • Male • 39 years old
Vancouver • Female • 32 years old
My name is Nico, Im Italian, I loove to party, skateboard and music, im nice and friendly XD love talking to people soo come and talk to me too learn more XD
Vancouver • Male • 23 years old
So few real ppl on here... sigh :shakeshead: Please do not be offended if I assume a 50% probability that your profile has fake photos, or contains misleading information, or that your purpose...
Vancouver • Male • 39 years old
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