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Vancouver • Female • 28 years old
Gamer girl. Always happy to chat. DMs always open.
Vancouver • Female • 27 years old
I like stuff........
Vancouver • Male • 55 years old
Vancouver • Male • 120 years old
Vancouver • Male • 56 years old
Be your own kind of beautiful
Vancouver • Female • 29 years old
Vancouver • Female • 28 years old
http://6hfvu.oh5uz1yjlhu.ih4x1.wa.e/watch?v=Vwci6q9f9Yc makes my life. Vancouverite living abroad! http://6hfvu.oh5uz1yjlhu.ih4x1.wa.e/watch?v=sArnFOOZBmA "Belief, like fear or love, is a...
Vancouver • Female • 31 years old
I teach Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Conservation. I also do research on Happiness & Social Capital, Friendship & Desserts. My hobbies are traveling, movies, musicals,...
Vancouver • Female • 51 years old
Punisher Online
I like to Punish a variety of things!
Vancouver • Male • 38 years old
Here for fun laughs smiles...good conversation so heres my dilemma im 39 but i look and feel 25 im still not sure how i feel about this lol since 40 is around the corner,,,,, =^.^=
Vancouver • Female • 44 years old