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Marlboro • Female • 39 years old
Marlboro • Female • 31 years old
everything tht happens in our lives happens fer a reason. we hav to take what we got and take the initiative to change.
Marlboro • Female • 30 years old
Romance leads to kisses..... Kisses leads to soft touches.... Touches leads to caresses.... Caresses leads to tenderness.... Eyes touching our souls.... Souls pouring out our emptiness......
Marlboro • Male • 42 years old
well i live in freezing e town and am currently just working but hopefully going to be able to go to school soon. and i also need to save so i can travel which i hope to o soon :)
Marlboro • Female • 30 years old
Marlboro • Female • 30 years old
Marlboro • Male • 35 years old
I am a poetic person and a natural healing overly caring person.
Marlboro • Male • 32 years old
i like simple
Marlboro • Male • 38 years old
Dunno What to say. I am recently separated from My husband of one year. I'm a triplet. i dunno say hi of you want i guess
Marlboro • Female • 34 years old
Sorry guys Tennesse is not in Canada! :) I dont know how to change it :) Thanks XD And Im suuuuper sorry if I dont reply to your message!! I get around 200 a day and sometimes end up deleting some...
Marlboro • Female • 30 years old
Rest In Pieces Ladies And Gentlemen Unforgiven II (Advent Children)...
Marlboro • Male • 43 years old
But for those of us who live large, the most alive we ever feel is when we’re punching air with a fist, uncurling our middle finger with a cool smile, and flipping Death the big old bird.
Marlboro • Female • 39 years old
Simple Abundance I am moving closer to each and every day...
Marlboro • Female • 68 years old
I've seen fire and I've seen rain I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend But I always thought that I'd see you again Won't you...
Marlboro • Female • 30 years old
Marlboro • Female • 32 years old
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