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I'm taken by the most amazing woman in the universe
Edmonton • Male • 31 years old
Show respect and you’ll get respect. Don’t f*ckin friend request me if you have never talked to me. Soooo many f*ckin ppl do this and it’s gonna get you ignored. If my status is set to Away I...
Edmonton • Female • 35 years old
Edmonton • Female • 60 years old
be respectful and I will treat you with the same... Im not stuck up or full of my self Im really kind but I dont take any BS!!!!
Edmonton • Female • 32 years old
Edmonton • Male • 41 years old
Hmm... well, the only actual good I see to breaking a lot of ice is to make a lot of drinks? But anyways - just looking for some interesting people to talk to, so don't be shy stop by and say hello....
Edmonton • Female • 36 years old
Edmonton • Female • 66 years old
hmmm... will leave it blank at the moment ty for stopping by :) liking it so far, thanks fam for welcoming me!
Edmonton • Female • 20 years old
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