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Not sure what to say here.
Calgary • Male • 50 years old
Enjoys meeting new people, having fun and interesting chats.
Calgary • Male • 41 years old
Calgary • Female • 50 years old
Single mom headed back to school. My six-year-old son is my entire world.
Calgary • Female • 24 years old
PLZ talk to me, I don't bite (hard) :P I IS WHAT I IS Om mani padme hum If you are open to enlightenment check out my blog or the ER club. God bless and kiss your saddness away today...
Calgary • Male • 29 years old
Calgary • Female • 100 years old
Contact info, I guess (from back when I did dramatic readings of badfics, etc)
Calgary • Male • 23 years old
I'm interested the deeper questions of life. Like to laugh. Love to play music.
Calgary • Female • 36 years old
Calgary • Female • 22 years old
Calgary • Female • 26 years old
Calgary • Female • 29 years old
Calgary • Male • 25 years old
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