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Calgary • Female • 90 years old
Calgary • Male • 41 years old
20 Things about me.... 1) Yes, I still love Halloween. 2) Horror movies are my go to especially cheesy slashers. 3) Creepy dolls will always have a special place in my heart. 4) True Crime,...
Calgary • Female • 38 years old
Calgary • Female • 110 years old
This might sound selfish, but its how I feel!! I live with my spouse but his job allows me to see him mabey twice a month. Having gotten used to it over the years, I now find myself becoming...
Calgary • Female • 58 years old
Calgary • Male • 41 years old
First off I'm disabled, I use a walker as I have balance issues, with that being said, I try to stay as active as I can I'm just here to chat. If you're looking for a hook-up,, keep looking! If you...
Calgary • Male • 47 years old