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Agissê • Female • 40 years old
I can not end their problems, doubts or fears, but I can hear you and seek solutions together. I can not prevent you take falls, but I offer my hand to get up. Your joys, triumphs, successes and...
Agissê • Female • 123 years old
Good!I'm a nice girl...New this page...I am a student of English and I love new cultures my interests are all that can help me increase my knowledge.That's me!...
Agissê • Female • 43 years old
i had a love
Agissê • Female • 31 years old
Agissê • Female • 37 years old
I'm married and I intend to live in Eugene, Oregon. I'm here to talk about my plans. :-)
Agissê • Female • 38 years old
love is like wind,:heart: can not touch ...:heart: but only feel
Agissê • Male • 45 years old
worse than death, and see a dream break and not able to do anything to save its so perfect! a day ill see...
Agissê • Male • 34 years old
I'm a good guy
Agissê • Male • 48 years old
Agissê • Female • 38 years old
Agissê • Male • 33 years old
Agissê • Female • 34 years old
My name is Aguinaldo Lazarini, I am 38 years old and I´m a brazilian artist from comics, cartoons, illustrations. Recently I ´ve been studing French ´nd I ´m searching of friends in Canada or around...
Agissê • Male • 48 years old
I´m an ordinay person!
Agissê • Male • 38 years old
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