That club has been deleted


Electronic Arts always :rock:
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Rest in Peace, Old Wire. We shall miss you terribly and never forget you!!!
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for computer geeks...
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Hi Friends,
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We Come to Rule This World(H)
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this club is for the private profiles
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This club is for the people who want to share their experience at wireclub. As it is written in small and capital letter. That is my experience at wc. Sometime happy:happy: and sometime sad :(....
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(This club has been deleted)
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O yes, I'm gonna keep chattin :S
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We miss you :(
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Looking for Matty/Lauren™/Cricket/Feisty Gina or any of the others. - Se7en
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Safe haven for people that play world of warcraft!!!!!
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This are my wc most loving and sweethearted aunties. And they are very very very good. I love them both. They both are my lovely aunty:banana: :banana: QUEENIE :banana: :banghead: GORGEOUS...
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WireClub WorkerBees Tech Support Crew - A great club to join for anyone that wants to help out in WireClub chats, clubs, & forums by answering questions, and giving assistance to any and all other...
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For all those YouTube fans, this club is for you. Feel free to post your videos and such.
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This is the stupidiest club made by the stupid person inorder to collect all the stupid people me wireclub. If you think you are as stupid as me so join this club :happy: because this is.....
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