That club has been deleted


O yes, I'm gonna keep chattin :S
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Hi. <br />Lezlie & Lyla Friends Forever
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We Come to Rule This World(H)
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woo i run an internet site too, if you do, join!
Technology 2 members the whole site except that page is under construction. I will do any job free up january 1st 2009 after then it will be twenty American dollars or 30...
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See? It's easy to make a club Brook, but no one cares. Get over yourself. And as to wether i am fake or not? You decide :)
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Rest in Peace, Old Wire. We shall miss you terribly and never forget you!!!
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for those who miss the old chat or whatever
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Looking for Matty/Lauren™/Cricket/Feisty Gina or any of the others. - Se7en
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and a t-shirt with a picture of Rod and Braden kissing
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:duel: The New Era Of Wireclub :duel: :duel: WIRECLUB CLUB WAR :duel:
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just beware of them
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For those of you who are at work chatting all day long...this club is for you :D
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This group is designed to help people find old school mates, lost family members & General information about genealogy. This group is Christan based.
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* Many Just Make Friends Here And Never Talks With Them Or Any Reply To Them, It's Not Any Competition To Have A huge List Of Friends, If You Gonna Make Lots Of Friend Make Sure You Are There As A...
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For great justice, take off every ZIG!<br /><br />(move zig, move zig)
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Bring back lookin4funfem back!!!!!!
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For the people who think thre is something wrong with wireclub!!
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