That club has been deleted


:duel: The New Era Of Wireclub :duel: :duel: WIRECLUB CLUB WAR :duel:
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I am a computer geek are you? :haha:
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The spambots are responsible for running off my friend Glowing_Toad. I think it's time to put the bots on a short leash.
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See? It's easy to make a club Brook, but no one cares. Get over yourself. And as to wether i am fake or not? You decide :)
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We miss you :(
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who on here has it? if so add ME on there<br />here is my link:<br /><br />http:://
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Looking for Matty/Lauren™/Cricket/Feisty Gina or any of the others. - Se7en
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For great justice, take off every ZIG!<br /><br />(move zig, move zig)
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Hi Friends,
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I am a 27 year old, female and all I am basically looking for is just someone to communicate with when I am on-line. I am always up intill two or three in the am so if anybody out their is looking...
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Come on, what'ya say? ;) It gets old old old !!!
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Did you try Win7 ? :)
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if u wanna wisit my website oke come on www.Livefrm.Com
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;) ;) ;) ;)
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Therez no excuse! If u think ur ugly at least give ppl a chance to agree or disagree with u!
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They are cool!!
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Come'n'join talk about your relationship with others if you wish and talk about the love that you regret!
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Good morning wireclub. Have a pleasant day to you all :toast:
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The best room in the house (H)
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O yes, I'm gonna keep chattin :S
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