That club has been deleted


The spambots are responsible for running off my friend Glowing_Toad. I think it's time to put the bots on a short leash.
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This is the stupidiest club made by the stupid person inorder to collect all the stupid people me wireclub. If you think you are as stupid as me so join this club :happy: because this is.....
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Are you a fun of computers? Do you have any website or programmes you want people to beware of. This is the right club for you to join. Share information concerning viruses. softwares. personal...
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who on here has it? if so add ME on there<br />here is my link:<br /><br />http:://
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LOL.. yeah. It helps me out almost everytime :P
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Looking for Matty/Lauren™/Cricket/Feisty Gina or any of the others. - Se7en
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for those who miss the old chat or whatever
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for computer geeks...
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Bring back lookin4funfem back!!!!!!
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Hi. <br />Lezlie & Lyla Friends Forever
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Did you try Win7 ? :)
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We miss you :(
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I woild love to do anything for you
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Rest in Peace, Old Wire. We shall miss you terribly and never forget you!!!
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Electronic Arts always :rock:
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For the people who think thre is something wrong with wireclub!!
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