That club has been deleted


* Many Just Make Friends Here And Never Talks With Them Or Any Reply To Them, It's Not Any Competition To Have A huge List Of Friends, If You Gonna Make Lots Of Friend Make Sure You Are There As A...
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O yes, I'm gonna keep chattin :S
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OMG!! I'm on the PC everyday!!! :| :| :| :| :|
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this club is for the private profiles
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Wat is the java,?? Java is a programming language /* * Outputs "Hello, world!" and then exits */ public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) {...
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We will love to flirt and chat with guys on the internet
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for computer geeks...
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I'am so gonna get heat for this!!!!! But who cares, were gonna smoke the competition!!!
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(H) (H) For kool peepz and ma frenz hu luvs to GOOgle things.. :P :P
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want to more and learn the latest development in Information Technology
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See? It's easy to make a club Brook, but no one cares. Get over yourself. And as to wether i am fake or not? You decide :)
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woo i run an internet site too, if you do, join!
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I'm sick of girls that are constantly complaining about the pervs on wire. Have you checked your pictures girl? your half naked and the comments left by a dozen of your "guy friends" are perverted....
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You are bored with all those Windoze users, who don't even know which is the OS to get the best of their brand new computers ? Join the Linux Users club ! You would like to find a way to escape to...
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we share names of  chat sites in thiss club
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Hey all of you This club invites all the computer geeks here. They can share their knowledge at a common plane and get to know each other as well as solve the problems we face day to day
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the regulars from canadian chat. you know who you are;)
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