Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver: Yeah this is ok:

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triphammer1173: I have a soft spot for the classic old school country. Listening to my Dad sing along with it when he did the diishes
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refurbwoodart: I dont know if any of you have the circle network on tv but its a channel that is connected to WSM650am and they show the grand ole opry on Saturday nights there. Just in case anyone wants to watch. This last week the had Ricky Scaggs and Daily and Vincent. They performed lots if classic bluegrass songs. Since the virus and the shutdown they have been having artist perform without a crowd but its a good show. Couple of weeks ago they had Terri Clark and last week they had Trace Adkins. They also show Hee Haw and a few other shows that are usual shows but they also have movies they show later in prime time. This week they are showing Honky tonk man with Clint Eastwood and I forget the name of the movie but where this old western town has a shootout contest,Sharon Stone,a young Leonardo Decaprio where they all have shootout contest down to the last one standing. Great western movie. Damn can't think of the name but great western if you lil them.
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