Artsy challenge! Take these eight words and make your poem!

The artistic kingdom
ÐâŗĸFŀãmę: I dare you to take the challenge and try you hand at inventing your own poem, no pressure no judging just use these words below in your poem and have fun!

Love, cherish, dream, awaken , magic, destiny , hope, flourish
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ÐâŗĸFŀãmę: Love is like a raging tide to be cherished and allowed to flourish in its own sweet time. Dreams can be awakened there is magic in the air when love is applied. perhaps destiny turns the wheel but there is always hope to lead us to where we belong no matter the twists and turns in life, strife is about learning and staying strong.
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yippeskippy: Love yourself, when nobody cares
Cherish your family & friends who are there...
Dream of possibilities, life is too short
Awaken, be inspired...the ball is in your court.
There's magic in the moment and in destiny too..
May your hope always flourish and better days come to you.
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