ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Modern Day Robots
By: Rizlake2

Opening up
Closing down
Nearby or far from home
They say I've got it all
Then why feels my heart this empty
It blew a hole in my soul
Emptiness fills my day
Weeks go by and months will pass
But nothing can bring back
The joy of life
For being lived is far from living

© Rizlake2 2009
10 years ago Report
ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Stuck In Traffic
By: Gare_Bear

Stuck....waiting for miles
The miles turn to hours and the hours to days...
My mind..in a glaze wanders to the left
Where a car sits idle
Idle as we all are
Stuck in traffic is my mind
Like a huge block in the water works just building up pressure
Waiting to explode
To let loose with all this
And be free yet again
To move like the wind moves through the hair of the woman beside me
To move as the inches do in this traffic ridden highway
This highway which is my mind
Still stuck..

© Gare_Bear 2009
10 years ago Report
X: "Cherry Blossom Eyes" by Roo

Chasing the night,
High upon star studded skies
Erotic, Evasive Properties
Render my thoughts its like
Revenge for all things done,

Bold in my outright
lazy days of suntanning
Or doing nothing at all
So soon my life has drifted by
Succumbed to my own lack of will
Ordinarily this wouldnt be a problem
Mostly, just now in these weak few hours

Eerie Nights, left alone to my own thoughts
Yet, beautiful in their own right.
Ever forgetting the spell you cast
Savouring the Day of Cherry Blossom Eyes

© 2009 Roo
10 years ago Report
X: "To Tame the Beast" by X

Cobra coiled beneath my arm
Aloof to any pleading or charm
Many have attempted to tame this beast
And many have failed, to say the least
But somehow, it responds to me
Playing my intended melody
If I should falter just a bit
It will reward me with a blast of shit
But a lifetime of practice has paid off well
And on symphony night, I give them hell
Horn is a beast, but can be tamed
And in my hands, puts others to shame

© 2009 X
10 years ago Report
X: "Volcano" by romanticpoet777

charming formidable she took me into the depths of the ocean
we began on a simple plane called earth
cascading through the deepend horizons of our existence
wishful thoughts and regrets all unfiltered and vivid in our minds
every action, word, and deed presented to us in clarity
beckoned and consumed with fear we kneel before this being
luminous and full of fire
his anger was quick and he erupted like a seething volcano
the judgement set upon us, mortals too ignorant to understand the blood that must be paid
the debt of our consequences seen in the universe
tis it was saw fit to imprison us
deep into the swimming twirl of a black hole
a place where no light can escape, not even the great angels of heaven
so there i laid musing and contemplating my fate
wondering, and wandering in this blackness forever night fall
the tumultious journey, a simple naivety of love
all ending in ruin because of pure ignorance
so take heed to whoever recieves my message
be vigil and fervent in your quest into the unknown
for in the realm of nothingness you will achieve enlightenment
take this ability and unignorate the others who seek the ignorance beyond this realm

© 2009 romanticpoet777
10 years ago Report
X: "Abroad At Sea" by GaRe_BeAr

as i float upon this sea of glass
looking into the abyss and seeing myself looking back
wandering if this is me...or if its who im supposed to be...
abroad at see, with nothing but my thoughts
covering the vast ocean floors that change like the winds change the desert
desolate it is here...abroad at sea
whats that?
some shinging shimmering incandescent little nothing in the distance
what could it be
swim fast, swim hard
you must you must you must.....
in my hands..
holding it now..
what is it?
open them and you shall see, open these hands and revealed to you will be..a most amazing epiphany
like the light at the end of the tunnel it shines bright
carries me through this ever so dull, drismal, and dark night
abroad at see with my light i am now!
the glass shatters and the sea slips away
but here i am to stay for i have found what i am..and that is just this...
abroad at sea

© 2009 GaRe_BeAr
10 years ago Report
X: "Pondering for Pondering's Sake" by Amad3us

Each good thought of
mine is a rainbow-beauty
Each thought is a creator
Followed closely by
a new experience.

Sometimes people cherish the negative
Thoughts; getting a kind of pleasure
From the fear, jealousy, and doubt
They feel is necessary.

Each thought has a power
It's own way of creating
The neagtive has the greatest power
Destruction of the creator.

The negative thought comes
Thieving from our penseive mood
We have to feel as if this thought
Has come for theft

For, if we lose something
Perhaps from our inner life
And we have no reason for this?
We feel lost without being lost.

Just something to ponder
for pondering's sake.

© 2009 Amad3us
10 years ago Report
X: "Meaningful Contradiction" by Zhya

Hear the children
Who listen well
To a future ever lost
While anchors cling to chairs
Performing unhealthily
For envious crowds

Listen well to see clearly
Of a meaningful existence
Stepping stones evacuate
An evertorn addiction

Contradict another
This something limp in rags
Burst before a silence
Revolving awkward hags

Sheepishly renewing
Their child prodigies
Masking ever carefully
A wake of aptitude

© 2009 Zhya
10 years ago Report
X: "Leaflet Pantry" by The_Southern_Gemmy

The Wide Varitiy Of Great Substances
To Many To Choose
A Grumbling Belly
But Alot Of Weight To Lose
Screaming Im Hungry
But I Still Dont Know What I Want
Sitting Here Indecive
But Still Ill Look At The Pantry One More Time
Alas I Found Something
Time To Eat

© 2009 The_Southern_Gemmy
10 years ago Report
X: "Whispering Cadences" by itskristinab*tch

i like to sit and look
at dark sky to see the stars glimmering like billions of unset jewels burning brightly in the sky
i feel a calmness full it my mind and soul
peace, and understanding whilst i look out into the universe
it speak to me in soft whispers, beckoning me to go home
to fly amongst those silent stars
a noise, another source of light distracts me
my cadence of thoughts is lost to the intrusion
thought he thoughts are gone, and were transient at the moment
i'll will never forget what the universe had to say to me in her sweet, undostinct cadence whipers
like the winds typhon, her breathe is still blowing in soft whipers flodding my ears.

© 2009 itskristinab*tch
10 years ago Report
X: "Vertigo" by Loaded Gun

Steady and stable I used to be
Until your heart it spoke to me
Unbalance and off my axis
Not quite sure about this
My grip of reality slipping away
I feel I'm falling, will you stay
To catch me from this vertigo
Keep me safe on your plateau
Ground me once again in your arms
keep me safe from harm
Allow me to fall, but not too hard
Whats left of this fragile heart
Is yours

© 2009 Loaded Gun
10 years ago Report
X: "Tailoring the Dream" by theeviljc

i know what i want,
i know how to get there.
i take what i need,
for lifes not fair.
you complain,
life is hard.
whine too much,
bout your delt card.
nothing is free,
earn what you want.
its not gonna get handed to you,
ya lazy f*^~.
i live my way,
crop of the cream....
life is good.. when ya tailor the dream

© 2009 theeviljc
10 years ago Report
X: "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Amad3us

Don't fear, I am the Reaper
All things taken by the heedful blade
Bringing silence though ages
Pale roses--touched with spring;
Broken sunflowers crumble in summer
Fruits ripend during autumns fall; to frail blossoming at winter's end
Forever reaping; Timely I gather.
Unbodily life runs though
Crash00: so do we have to like get in line or sign up or somethin?
my sharpened scythe; each quickening it's pase
falling in line through my hands
ever changing, still changeless
ceaselessly sowing incorruptible souls
Making and breaking;ebb and flood
Here and hereafter --I--will be
sped through the coil and tangled threads
Of infinite nature; viewless and silent I fashion all being
in the womb and the grave
For the Now and the ever.

© 2009 Amad3us
10 years ago Report
X: "Greedful Poverty" by Roo

Silly f@~@#&$ american,
your white trash society,
glamoured bling and trendy clothes
huge mansions, bmw's and large sailing boats
Chitter chatter to keep up with the Jones'
Drugged out little w~&*&, who knows where the pot is

Turning tricks to get the dime,
a fictious life you do live, this time.
You no not about poverty, recession , starvation or war
you sit back and watch as the bank accounts soar
the service wench brings you your meal,
the children of africa would die for that deal
protected against the climate with A/c
But this is all taken for granted you see
You arent castrated against your will
pushed into s&@, without no tiny pink pill
strangled and starved until you cannot breathe
this is not something you were ment to be
So suck it up , you fw^~%#^ priss,
know you got it good, be happy to be on that list

© 2009 Roo
10 years ago Report
X: "Dingo" by X

Sand and brush seen everywhere
How the f~$& did we get here?
Ancestors roamed European woods
Then men thought we'd be good
Placed in the Australian outback
To further pillage the world's asscrack
Did they think we'd find good tucker?
Or even drinking water? F#ywxwx!
But we showed them in short time
We eat anything and everything we find
Put up the fence, we'll tunnel under
And rend the ecology asunder
And when we're done with kangaroos
We're coming to town........ for you

© 2009 X
10 years ago Report
X: "Off The Wall" by Jazz-Cool Cat

Oh my holy-freaking-crap-kinda-day,
For the love of all that is holy, what can I say?
Friday's here, and I'm done with another week

To spend a whole two days on a little bitty break...
How come when you're working all through the year,
Every single weekend becomes that much more dear?

Whatever-- I guess that's just what people do...
Afterall, it makes the money, and the honeys come-to.
Love for the heart is all well and good, though...
Love for money happens too, y'know.

© 2009 Jazz-Cool Cat
10 years ago Report
X: "Gummy Bear Cannibalism" by GaRe_BeAr

how does this work?
how to they move...
they move like puppets with strings attached
movement so subtle yet they do
i wandered why
Always Why
why o why are my gummies leaving the bag..
i wake up every day to a few less...
never knowing why
in a safe i put them yet less there were the next day...
then i started watching closer..
closer and closer i watched
until i saw it happening..
such a sacralidge
scary even....
sending shivers up my spine..
to my unbenownst meek little mind...i took in the sight...
gummie bear cannabilism...
watching one gummie eat another...such crude evil beings they are
to eat ones self ...to eat another just like you...
is it that different?
than me eating them?!
gummies cant eat gummies!
yet i watch it happen...
my eyes must decieve...
yet they eat one another like the wolves eat the sheep
at a time...

© 2009 GaRe_BeAr
10 years ago Report
X: "Enamorated, Exaggerated, Never Ever Appreciated" by Zhya

Right back where we began
Is a sepia of endless dreams
Wander for a mile or so

An exaggeration better known
To grayscaling energy
The urge of helping others
To watch them fully bloom

Such intricate woven work
Has lost a worthy glance
Never fully appreciated
Under second wild chance

Such tradition is seeping
Through vainity of thee
Wasting away in nothing
Enveloped in fantasy
Of a failing happiness
That once smiled for me

© 2009 Zhya
10 years ago Report
X: "Furious George" by romanticpoet777

by the eyes of rapture i see the worlds fate
bewildering faces echoing booms of chaotic frustration
a swift death comes to many
but the fear for those alive are gripped with death's icy contempt
the fate of widows and children are rested in the eyes of rapture

chimmering through the thicket of clouds
the snow comes down covering a land forever in its brow
helpless, astonished, confused, my eyes gleeme upwards
the eyes of rapture smiles and drifts away not looking into the closing eyes
decieved and helpless, the world covered in black ice

judgement day only an hour of warning we had
the eyes of rapture never came

never was there to please
never was there to rescue
was always there to endure

to those who listened and traveled west
we pray for your deliverance in times of tribulation
walk in the glory that is within you and may it give you pleasure and rest

© 2009 romanticpoet777
10 years ago Report
X: "Do a Barrel Roll" by The_Southern_Gemmy

Sitting Here On The River Side
With The Games About To Begin
Nervous For The Event Im Enrolled In
There The Officail
Screaming Do A Barrel Roll
So I Hopped Out The Barrel
But To My Dismay
The Barrel Rolled Me
So Hopped On To Do It Again
It Flinged Me
So I Said I Give Up
So Never Scream To Me Do A Barrel Roll

© 2009 The_Southern_Gemmy
10 years ago Report
X: "The Burning Faith" by Loaded Gun

Blazing souls and hearts on fire
An embered love now expires
Entombed in a vile grave
Choking on the love I gave
Screaming cadence of death
I sit here holding my breath
That last kiss achingly engraved
To the memories I am enslaved
Drifting upon treacherous seas
Begging for my heart to bleed
Nothings left but an empty case
I'd close my eyes, but still see your face
The burning faith, Carmon black
The soot it leaves fills the cracks
I see what was there, but is now more
The cracks it fill, are what you tore
This burning faith, is now a distant shore
Traded in, you did for a filthy w@y&^

© 2009 Loaded Gun
10 years ago Report
X: "I Don't Love You, I Just Wanna Take You Home" by Crash00

kinda nervous, as i enter that room,
with the clink and the clank of the glasses
"double shot"!! make it RUMPLEMINTZ!!
there she is....omg she actually came,
that girl from the internet.....omg what's her name??!!!
sheeri...no..nono...that's not it...mulva...naa too old
i see her .....she catches my eye...sees the book with the rose stickin out
damn....picked a hell of a day to start readin pride and prejudice!!!
not ungly just plain......hmmmm another shot please...more of the same!
she's here right beside me....she smiles.....i smile back
have a round with me baby....loosen up a little
she drinks , we laugh, we touch, thumb wrestling i cool in a bar
pool, darts?? another shot i think....yes it is time.
so honey.....sherri right?? Your place or mine?
im think fast....ready for the slap or the inevitable douche of beer
doesn't come.....she kisses my neck...and off we go.
we had fun....from the little i remember....wrapped her up like a pretzel
she asks me when we can do it again.....
i've got a busy week....but ill call ya
i stumble to the door......
where the fxz@ did i put my shoes??!!

© 2009 Crash00
10 years ago Report
X: "Closed Door Policy" by raunchy09

feeeling heavy, like stones
and bricks in my tongue
in this silence to scatter
sound like shards
my ear is ringing a new note since
your hands awoke them
swinging your cause to my jaw
but this is our
secret to keep, the cycle will win
the blood will come
and we shall return again
guiltless to the arms
of our lovers, this, this is
the closed door policy

© 2009 raunchy09
10 years ago Report
X: "Trust" by X

"Trust me," he said, when she was all of six
Who was she to protest
He had his way, scarred her to this day
And rendered her a mess
For many years, she cried in silence
Hoping for one day
When the tide of fortune would turn
And she would make him pay
Time moved on, and guilt piled high
For her failure of a dad
But she realized that things had turned
And it made her eerily glad
"Please don't tell anyone..." he begged
"I'll do anything you want."
"Trust me," she smirked
In a voice that would forever haunt
And now he is her utter slave
'Til one of them is dead
Forever laden with a crown of guilt
Atop his weary head

© 2009 X
10 years ago Report
X: "Cerebral Circumcision" by Zhya

Shaken from the masses
Tracing with distress
Wonderous and falter
So wireless and torn
As this mind implodes

Would it be my enemy?
Or vehement a foe
Circumsizing with a hint
Of pure insanity
Thus cerebral is worn
In blind infinity

Clawing through an endless night
Illusions grace a city light
Waking faster
Spinning farther
Than my mind can take

So selfishly partake
Along a journey of the slain
Withered minds and selfish binds
Engulf unknowingly

© 2009 Zhya
10 years ago Report