X: "Twisted Pleasures In Fairy Tale Land" by theeviljc

twisted i seem,
in this fantisfull dream,
i tread the path of morals.
lost to me,
are the gleefull schemes,
of the fairy tale morsels.
when i see mary,
quite contrary,
i dont not see a garden grow.
i see her there,
showing off underwear,
my mind is a living porno.
take your sweet,
deliscious meat,
down to mery bell way.
where i can,
with my skillfull hand,
make you scream my name in the hay.

© 2009 theeviljc
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X: "This Bridge Isn't Going To Burn" by Loaded Gun

We walked hand in hand for a while
amongst the tranquil autumn leaves
Seeing the sun set in your eyes
As we laid beneath the canopy of trees
Moments I'll remember, No harm to them shall come
Pleading with my mind to leave the bad ones under thumb
In a moment, my life shattered before me
I never imagined you'd be my life's debris
The bridge we had to cross to get here
No longer seems very clear
This bridge isn't going to burn
You blew it to pieces, it'll not return

© 2009 Loaded Gun
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₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: av4ntgarde: supernova
av4ntgarde: one day the world will end
av4ntgarde: one can only guess at whose hand
av4ntgarde: god's or man's or nature's who knows
av4ntgarde: but one day we'll shout thar she blows
av4ntgarde: or not for being already dead
av4ntgarde: in the blink of an eye the evaporation of our head
av4ntgarde: who knows who knows how our end will be
av4ntgarde: the exact spelling of catastrophe
av4ntgarde: one day our civilization will be lost
av4ntgarde: the universe will forever lack our cause
av4ntgarde: our pieces will drift in space
av4ntgarde: all our brain cells gone to waste
av4ntgarde: until then we must acheive
av4ntgarde: all the possibilities we've
av4ntgarde: got under our belts in store for the world
av4ntgarde: as of yet to be unfurled
av4ntgarde: until then we all should toil
av4ntgarde: to see our purposes gleam or soil
av4ntgarde: whatever it is we guess is right
av4ntgarde: let the universe carry those strands of light
av4ntgarde: from one galaxy unto the next
av4ntgarde: across all time if there's any left
av4ntgarde: it will finally reach the edge
av4ntgarde: having touched any civilizations in its path
av4ntgarde: it will fall off the edge
av4ntgarde: time will be over, an end to the math
av4ntgarde: we should have left our mark
av4ntgarde: on this large but limited ark
av4ntgarde: of existence
av4ntgarde: and that will be that
av4ntgarde: that's all she shat
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X: "Passively Sinister" by X

Lines of woe form in my face
Passively sinister, pacing in place
Yesterday weighing on today's seesaw
Bartering blisters, all in all
Showring in sunlight, washing me down
Wandering aimlessly about the town
Sometimes it pays to plan ahead
Sometimes it's pointless by the time you're dead
Strike up a match and watch me ignite
Pour me a beer and we'll call it a night

© 2009 X
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X: "Sorcery" by Amad3us

Come close I will tell you a tale
Of words that cast a magic spell
Swords and Sorcery to begin
the story; who will triumph, who will win?
Brute strength against intelligent minds
Beasts of burden all shapes all kinds
Fire brought from the depths of hell
Knights in armor hoping to dispel
The evil Sorcerer gaining power
Brave warriors climb his tower
To rescue the fair maiden from his hold
And to return her to land untold
One knight is thought to win this fight
He makes the journey in one cold night
Climbs the tower in cautious haste
To find the maiden forcefully encased
In a cage in the middle of the room
Which in the end would be her resting tomb,
Unless he defeat the magic one
before the rising of the mornign sun.
He panned the room and reached the maiden
Held the sheath and placed the blade in
He thought all was well, but heard a faint clap
"Well done knight, but you fell for my trap"
The sorcerer read from the book he held
His voice grew louder until he yelled
The final words and put the knight to death
and the maiden sighed with a breath
The sorcerer walked over and opened the latch
"I'm sorry darling, he just wasn't a match"
She smiled and took the man's hand
"It's okay dear, we'll soon rule the land."

© 2009 Amad3us
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X: "The Outer Limits" by Roo

seemingly i float amongst the constellations,
bewildered by the majesty each possesses.
turned and tucked away under a solitary blanket
I wait
Gemini, kisses my pale soft skin, caressed gently,
as Orion takes guard,
with fragments of comet dust, playing viciously around jupiters rings,
I'll close my eyes and fall asleep.
It takes a real man, bravery to search his soul.
and be prone to naked truths,
among these stars, my spirit engulfed
beauty to a speck so small
I am only one frail creature
but with the passion of thousands,
I skip along the milky way,
let saturns gaseous state cloud my mind,
as i've confused myself, into the outer limits

© 2009 Roo
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X: "Crying Among the Wilderness" by Out_Of_Order

Taking back all the times I gave into you
Turning my back to the life I thought I knew
Nothing left of who we used to be
Now just hollow ground beneath me
The light I'd been looking for so blinding
My faith now shaken, and binding
Mad laughter and tears stream across my face
Looking around, and feeling so out of place
The trees shelter me from the beating sun
The wind howls, drowning out my thoughts to run
Here in the wilderness I lay my head
Alongside it, a bleeding heart now dead
Hollow like the tin man I've began to rust
Broken are the pieces, where there used to be trust
Leaving love behind for it fell between lust
Not because I want to, simply because I must

© 2009 Out_Of_Order
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X: "I Lost Myself Somewhere Along The Way" by X

All I once wanted was a house, wife, dog, and kids
I don't know where I lost myself, only that I did
Things were so cut and dried when I was a teen
But since then, too many disasters I've seen
They kill your soul over a long period of time
Your life's been hell, and so has mine
But somehow, you have many things to hold on to
I've lost everything I had to lose and no longer do
Have you seen me? I have not
The years reel by as I diffuse and rot
Fighting off impulses of suicide and violence
Song in my soul has long since been silenced
But if you should see me pass in the night
Direct me back to a time when all seemed right
Or did it ever?

© 2009 X
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X: "Vagabonds and Vultures" by The_Southern_Gemmy

Casting Shadows Beneath My Feet
I Seen Satan Fall With Defeat
Seeing The Drifter He Once Was
And The Vultures Crying To His Commands
Walking Among The Clouds
I Hear The Lost Souls Cry Out Loud
While Burning With The Judgement
That Has Been Casted
Crying Myself
To See My Family Be Of Thoses
Of The Lost Souls
Walking Here I See The Streets Of Gold
If Only I Could Of Helped The Lost Souls

© 2009 The_Southern_Gemmy
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X: "Hoping To Come Back Around" by av4ntgarde

once a time when i was young
i had confidence up and down
couldn't shake me if you tried
i'd be myself even if i died
today i've come to a bit of trouble
someone's burst my little bubble
can't think only for myself
the freedom gone i'm kind of in hell
haven't been the same in years
learning to adapt to using my ears
following the acceptable and doing what's norm
never was i one to conform
avidly i said i'd never go there
now i've even chopped off my hair
finding myself anew in this though
but sometimes i still wish fo
some old self to come back to me
be again like i used to be
honest firstly with myself

hoping to come back around
but with some compromise
keep my new found feet on the ground
but still rise, above the rest of them
else i'll never have pride, again
not truly

© 2009 av4ntgarde
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X: "What's Right Is Right" by vampireblues

loft on the feather soft
up and high
beneath the frost
white is the height
i see tonight
above the shadow drawn
see the white night
on to your right
that is the place our dreams are born
seek to say
your self some day
may see what is right from what is wrong

© 2009 vampireblues
10 years ago Report
X: "Unfounded Authoritarians" by X

Don't let your mouth overload your ass
It's simply not healthy to exercise authority you do not have
Put things in proper perspective
So that you do not break rungs going up the ladder you'll need coming back down
Heavy hands do not wield swords efficiently
It's folly to make heads roll without wearing a steel collar oneself
Take heed

© 2009 X
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X: "Caress In My Ear" by xbombchellex

your breath is soft
warm against my skin
and you're making me crazy
waiting for what's next
I feel your cheek
pressed close to me
and I'm wondering
what will you do
what shall you say
and as your lips part
I hear nothing
but in the silence
I hear your thoughts
and those words are delicate
like a gentle caress in my ear
as you promise to give me the world.

© 2009 xbombchellex
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X: "Coming To Terms" by Out_Of_Order

Moments escape me, Im lost in the clutter
I used to believe in you like no other
Now, fading is the light of our love
As the night falls, so does your glove
Beating the life right out of me
Coming to terms, with what I see
You never will be what I thought you were
All the ways I loved you, now just a blur
But as you fade in my mind
Another gets brighter in time
I'm better when Im broken So thank you
Never would I have seen, if not for you
I'm worth of so much more than I ever knew
I'm better because you were broken too

© 2009 Out_Of_Order
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X: "Mountain Forest" by Out_Of_Order

I sit here on top of this mountain
blanketed beneath the stars
Wishing upon each of them
My mind a forest of coverage
My heart a raging fire underneath it all
Searching for purpose in my fading life
Wondering why God would allow such suffering
Certain that there's a reason better than that cause
Fighting back the tears I hear the wind howl
Sending cold shivers through my fractured soul
Fire and Ice dance with in my veins haunting me
Did I wait too long or can I make it right
The bluest eyes reflect the embers of my memories
Searching for the strength to carry on
I'd pray for the the creatures of this earth to devour me
Except, I can't forget the life I DO have left inside
The good I'm to do on this earth
I take a deep breath, and it hits me like my first
I'm born again, and my spirit renewed
I guess, when you wish upon stars.. just maybe they come true

© 2009 Out_Of_Order
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X: "Then There Was You" by xbombchellex

There was a boy
who ruled my life
I always thought with he
I'd spend eternity
and days went on
our bond was strong
but time just drew us away
and one day I opened my eyes
and I simply needed more
more than you could ever give
or possibly offer
and the days turned into months
and I was without him
but not alone
my independence took over
and I realized it was I
who could create my own
eternal happiness
only I could change my path
and I was happy
to be my own
to be strong
and even I amazed myself
and when I wasn't looking
the most wonderful thing happened
and in a moment I was blinded
by a hurricane
that swept me up and rattled my insides
and when I could finally
stand on my two feet again
There was you.

© 2009 xbombchellex
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X: "Blurred Vision" by X

Roses are red
Beer goggles are blue
But love goggles are grey
Hiding the real you
I can't count the sentiments
I once overlooked
So many gestures misinterpreted
Many words mistook
Nearsighted folly
That blinds men in love
Illusions abound
Below and above
Please give me glasses
So that next time I'll see
That she's just another phantom
Or really in love with me

© 2009 X
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X: "Road Trip" by av4ntgarde

walking down the road, i trip
just about to lose my grip
let it go, for something more
reality's nothing but a w*wy*
i refuse to find a place
among a delluded human race
our senses are nothing, our minds are false
our beliefs are lies, our certainty balls
there is no virtue there is no sin
imagination sucks you all in
for all it offers, it offers nothing
this life of yours is purely fz%*^x&
trash of hope and needful things
i will go where courage brings
into the warm and sweet embrace
the abyss, infernal nothingness
i will lose myself completely
and hold my head up high
and frown down on all you creatons
all you ones who don't even exist

© 2009 av4ntgarde
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X: "Shadowed Iniquity" by romanticpoet777

turbines running in gasping speeds to no end
trinkling little chasms opening and closing the plethora of doors
round and round they work tirelessly to do mans bidding
man and all of his wisdom created this entity to do its bidding
the bidding for which man was incapable of...
in these slight halls of darkness these tendril beings reside
the keepers in the citadel beyond the mass relays
are an anomaly to the function which they represent
created and then forgotten
ceased to exist by the mere history that was left behind
surrogate beings, forefathers of the citadel controlling the mass relays before us
soveirgn and powerful, the gatkeeepers of a lost time
a tale of a rudementary slumber and a rude awakening
the keepers and man worked together in harmony for a time
until the great chaos of the dark void came into being
the reapers had returned
from dark space they came
they pillaged raped and consumed all
an inorganic life from machine in all of its glory
now man in its infacy
hidden from view
the last bastion of hope
earth the last planet from the galaxy
unknown to the reapers
asleep, innocent, niave
the earth the virgin mother is spared
for god has kept his mercy and grace
the reapers abandon
and shutdown back into the void
into dark space
without a trace
without a cause
a cycle to no end

© 2009 romanticpoet777
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X: "Redemption After the Fact" by X

You never know what you've got until it's gone, they say
Especially when they've got me
Years after the fact, I'm told I'm missed
By those with whom I parted pissed
Stepfather loathed the very space I occupied
Until I left, and he got a taste of my brother
Old boss I ran into at the bar
Told me I was the wheels of the machine
$10.00 an hour wheels
Ex girlfriend told me I was the only one
Who never hit her
But all she ever did was b^zx^
Band directors have sought a replacement
For years, with no luck
Offer me scholarships, but it's too late
Oh what I wouldn't give
To be valued today
For something other than my insanity
Instead of hearing how great I WAS

© 2009 X
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X: "Fw*%$#y With The Forces Of Nature" by Jazz-Cool Cat

Don't fxw% with a force of nature,
Because if you stick your foot on top of the wrong damned root
You'll find your luck run out
And your nose ass-deep in the rut of an overflooded dugout.
The Earth will take up in and hug you, sweetly,
But as sweetly as a rock-hard core can,
Burning with the heated passion of years of
Molten disaster, magmatic twists and turns covering
The past with the sands of the ripped bands of man.
So don't f~#* with a force of nature,
Because everybody knows that a Scout with a Baseball bat
Is more than you can handle,
With your big guns and rocket launchers.

© 2009 Jazz-Cool Cat
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X: "Mushrooms and Jellybeans" by Out_Of_Order

Mushrooms and Jellybeans an edible surprise
However, I'm not much in the mood for them tonight
I need more, Something beyond wild
I need flesh in which to defile
Razor sharp nails, piercing smile
This river of sin, wetter than the nile
Lapping up the desires with your tongue
Just a little to the left will get it done
When you think you've finished thing again
I'll tell you what I want, and when
On your knees you will serve me, do as I say.
Its only a game, or are you to scared to play

© 2009 Out_Of_Order
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X: "Reality Trash" by X

What is this shit upon my screen?
Biggest dick circus I've ever seen
Between Springer and King, it's completely insane
And their guests are becoming increasingly lame
Reality? My ass! Anything but
These aren't real people... they are nuts
Even trailer park denizens have more class
Cable programmers can kiss my ass

© 2009 X
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X: "Fog On The Water" by HugoSharp

The slender finger of fog on the bay
changes it.
You will walk along the corridor
Searching the panes of glass
for familiar colors.
The fog that scrunches shades
of green and gray, like shoulders
against the spine of mossy stone
is a dry eraser, rubbing out
each wordless day.
I would bring you to water
And paint you a song
If you hadn't drowned our baby.

© 2009 HugoSharp
10 years ago Report
X: "The Gun" by xbombchellex

The pressures building
I can see it in your face
You're losing all control
it's just a matter of time before you blow
I can feel your body
Tense beneath me
And I relish in the moment
I'm craving you,
forever needing more of you
and you're dangerous,
like a loaded gun

© 2009 xbombchellex
10 years ago Report