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raven3113: Endless sky and horizons

Endless expanses and open spaces
Where roads lead to no where and no where leads to something
What possibilties lie out there for today
Right where the sun touches the horizon and the sky has no end
All we need do is take a step in a direction
See life's little surprises
Take a journey and see where it leads
What new dreams await us along the way
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: 'Genetic Heart'
By: currentlyinuse

Steam ensues
blown from within
metallic clangs
tings dings and beats
part heart part machine
genetically engineered
lessens the pain
lessens the burden
At peace.

©2009 currentlyinuse
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: 'Genetic Heart'
By: Loaded Gun

I'll be there in a second
Just a min, I'm busy
Nothing, I'll get to it
Are you ever HERE
Yeah, well I used to be
Don't like it?
What you see...
Well too bad
I am yours
This is your fault
I am your genetic heart
You molded me
I am your image

©2009 Loaded Gun
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: 'Say Calgery'
By: Loaded Gun

Destinations unknown
All signs say turn back
No matter where I look
I'm on the wrong track
Turn around or move on
leaving my life behind
Or, finding it this time
Find a hot date for tonight
Spinning in circles with hope
Blurry old memories
Oh, which way to go
I say... Calgary

©2009 Loaded Gun
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: 'Arms of the Cheshire'
By: currentlyinuse

A smile across a sinister face
Locked within that wicked embrace
The arms enfold and caress
The nails pierce as they press
Not to harm just to thrill
At one time known to kill
The Cheshire sees you as a prize
Hidden now from others eyes
Warmth and safety in embrace
A smile across a Cheshire's face

©2009 currentlyinuse
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: 'Reason Turned Rancid'
By: CocoRosieKitten

In a dream I was a werewolf
My soul was filled with crystal light
Lavender ribbons of rain sang
Ridding my heart of mortal fright
Broken sundown fatherless showdown
Gun hip swollen lip
Bottle sip yeah I suck dick
Loose grip gravity falls sky blinding crumbling walls
River sweeps away my memories of a child's things a young mothers love
Before the yearning song of flesh on flesh
Young hearts burst
Open wounds bleed fresh
A young brother skinny and tall
My older walls oceanward and somber
Sumber sleeping flowers in the water
But I'm just his daughter
Walking down to an icy grave
Leading to my schizophrenic father
Weeping willow won't you wallow louder
Searching for my fathers power

©2009 CocoRosieKitten
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: 'Metallic Falcons'
By: Amad3us

For a reveled grace, we didn't see
our dead; rarely coming home to
die in piece, but simply stay away
out there. In the cloud war
the war in the sky. Seldom

the phantoms come back to
speak their tales of gliding be-
tween the mists in the wind.
Shades fading in the mind,

have no graves, but epitaphs in
the gusts of smoke after
being shot from high
in the air, None but find ashes of
the few who fly. This

War has no name, as if
there was no death to be
found, only charred remains of those
who flew above the rest in
Metallic Falcons.

©2009 Amad3us
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
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OUT_OF_ORDER: ₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: The dust had settle at high noon
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Two men stood infront of the salune
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Back to back they started to pace
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Counting to ten as their hearts raced
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Quick to the draw each had to be
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: which one will remain, we shall see.
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: One: First step to end this fight
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Two: towards one forever goodnight
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Three: Sweat dripping from their brows
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Four: one into heaven or hell; whichever allows
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Five: Half way there hands on their gun
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Six: Vulture's shadow in the midday sun
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Seven: Each man says their final prayer
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Eight: Hoping this isn't their last breath of fresh air
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Nine: The end of the count is at end
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Ten: As they turn and draw time suspends
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Their shots are heard throughout the town
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Neither was scared, neither backed down
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: They both shot at the other hoping to kill
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Took a ragged breath and stod perfectly still
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: The stood and looked, then both grew pissed
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: To find out; they both had missed.
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OUT_OF_ORDER: ◄ Loaded Gun ►: Over and under the tides of love
◄ Loaded Gun ►: The currents pulling me under
◄ Loaded Gun ►: As angels watch from above
◄ Loaded Gun ►: I feel myself drift, and wonder
◄ Loaded Gun ►: .
◄ Loaded Gun ►: How long will they wait
◄ Loaded Gun ►: To pull me to shore
◄ Loaded Gun ►: How long for the hate
◄ Loaded Gun ►: To be no more
◄ Loaded Gun ►: .
◄ Loaded Gun ►: My mind a scattered mess
◄ Loaded Gun ►: From the suteres you left
◄ Loaded Gun ►: The faith I had to injest
◄ Loaded Gun ►: Not knowing whats best
◄ Loaded Gun ►: .
◄ Loaded Gun ►: Ashes fall like snow
◄ Loaded Gun ►: Blanketing my soul
◄ Loaded Gun ►: Those angels they go
◄ Loaded Gun ►: Farther into the coal
◄ Loaded Gun ►: .
◄ Loaded Gun ►: Idly they waited
◄ Loaded Gun ►: As we all suffered
◄ Loaded Gun ►: In their love, hated
◄ Loaded Gun ►: For false wings aquired
◄ Loaded Gun ►: End
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OUT_OF_ORDER: Firesflame22: In my hearts waking hour
Firesflame22: my mind goes blank
Firesflame22: my lungs deflate of air
Firesflame22: the very blood in my veins stops to a frozen hault
Firesflame22: my vision is blurred
Firesflame22: my ears hear nothing
Firesflame22: my skin turns colder then ice
Firesflame22: i smell nothing
Firesflame22: i know nothing
Firesflame22: in my hearts waking hour all i can do is see your face
Firesflame22: walking down the street your turned the corner and our eyes met
Firesflame22: in that second everything i knew was blown away
Firesflame22: everything i was melts like the snow of winter
Firesflame22: the watch on my wrist ticks just once
Firesflame22: in that hour i spend all my life starring into your eyes
Firesflame22: for just one second your hearts with mine
Firesflame22: end
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OUT_OF_ORDER: "Our Time is Fading" By RadioActive1 2009

Radioactive1: Our Time is Fading
Radioactive1: As summer passes to fall
Radioactive1: Death is in the air
Radioactive1: The twilight of our time together
Radioactive1: And as the autumn leaves dance around us
Radioactive1: lifeless
Radioactive1: I can sense the our death approaching
Radioactive1: Our Time grows short
Radioactive1: As the Autumn sky is replaced by chill winter's air
Radioactive1: Skeletal trees reaching for the heavens
Radioactive1: Our lives touched by long, dark nights
Radioactive1: Once our lives intertwined
Radioactive1: Once our lives touched each other
Radioactive1: But that time has passed
Radioactive1: And now our time together has faded
Radioactive1: And together, we're lost and alone
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OUT_OF_ORDER: "Lost in Love" By The Southern Gemmy 2009

THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: The Whispering Moon Covered The Water
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: As The Tides Come Rolling In
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Laying Here With You
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: With Our Lips Toughing
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Feeling Your Warm Hand Caressing Mine
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Its Ever So Breath Taking
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Being With You Is Pure Like A Dove
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Giving Thanks To The Whispering Moon
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: That One Day We Will Be Together Soon
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₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: ₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Red roses covered in dew
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Orange fruit everywhere grew
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Yellow sun: bright and warm
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Green trees and grass in every life form
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Blue clear water never disturbed
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Indigo tulips naturally reverbed
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Violet color in the fallen snow
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: All these things beyond the rainbow
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₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪
₪∞ ᾋӎăȡǟ ∞₪: Firesflame22: all cheers to the cheats
Firesflame22: all praise to the stealers
Find Naughty Girls in your neighborhood
Firesflame22: they inspire the people into a creative redundancy
Firesflame22: where they steal the classic's and put their own "twist" to it
Firesflame22: they inspire the honest to do nothing
Firesflame22: they lead the unimaginative to greater heights.
Firesflame22: they twist what they choose, and show no remorse
Firesflame22: i love my songs of old, your creative redundancy sickens me
Firesflame22: be creative and and don't follow the path, follow the heart
Firesflame22: your words are not your own
Firesflame22: they were said before, your just saying them again
Firesflame22: they mean nothing from you because you don't feel the passion of the pen on the paper as the words are made new
Firesflame22: don't cheat the hard workers. They've always deserved it more then you.
Firesflame22: end
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X: "Thunderstorms" by theeviljc

My heart beats through my chest,
feels exposed against the cold that threatens my window.
in my sanctuary i hide,
from the approaching storm.
inside i know my blanket will protect me,
but the nagging feeling of impending doom refuses to leave,
the lighting strikes and cracks,
like the wipe of a hidden reaper.
peace will only be restored with the sunshine again,
saving me from the thunderstorms.

© 2009 theeviljc
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X: "Oblivious By Nature" by Nicodemus76

The reign of man has risen like the tides.
To cleave unto it's breast all that it sees.
Our mother earth in shackles gives a sigh.
Determined of her yoke to soon be free.
We squander every rescource that we find.
We take, unmindful of the risk or cost.
And she has given everything in kind.
Determined to replace what has been lost.
The reign of man must like the tides recede.
We cannot long contain the sea and soil.
Our end will come, and swiftly will it be.
Our debt repaid for all our mother's toil.
For all our wealth, our power, and our stature.
Will be made oblivious by nature.

© 2009 Nicodemus76
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X: "Battle Songs" by currentlyinuse

ratta tatta tatta tum
last soldier and a lonely drum
it once rang out acroos the land
beconing come fight hand to hand
now as the drummer falls
no more drumming battle calls.

© 2009 currentlyinuse
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X: "Pick Your Poison" by Loaded Gun

Take this day and the fading sun
Ring out my heart, and run
Hang it up to dry, would you please
Since you soiled it with ease
My poison I chose, it was you
I'll die by my choice to per-sue
As the wrinkles fade from my heart
No longer in form, just a part
Hung up and dried out on the line
Blown away in the wind with time
Soiled with the earths own decay
Eventually, I'll decompose and rot away

© 2009 Loaded Gun
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X: "Failed Persona" by X

I'd like to be me
But I can't
I'd like to tell you how wonderful you are
But I shan't
I'd caress your cheek and speak words of pure sugar
But you'd suspect my motives
In this white room
I can be anyone or anything I choose
And none of them would work
When I'm a prick
Then I'm believable
It works both ways

I ask you not to feed a stray
It's not nice to be nice
To me
I might get the wrong idea
I might suspect you give a f&%#
I might think you're real
We can't have that
I can f%y^ you a hundred times
But I dare not love you
We can converse a hundred times
But I dare not consider you a friend
This persona has failed
Just like the inert flesh behind it
When it's legal to be me
Let me know
And I'll finally climb out of the womb
And be seen

© 2009 X
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X: "Afterlife" by The_Southern_Gemmy

As The Days Come To An End
Full Of Joy It Crashed
Tunneling Throught This Portal
Ever So Long
Reaching For The Light
Life Is Done
Interesting Landscapes I See Before Me
For Mine Eyes Has Not Seen
Ever Lasting Life Has Came And Gave Me Vicorty

© 2009 The_Southern_Gemmy
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X: "Withering Thoughts" by X

Here you stand after eighty years
Swimming in a self-made pool of tears
What will you think as you draw your last breath?
Will all this shit matter at your instant of death?
For decades, you were cruel and crass
You told the world to kiss your ass
And now that your day is nearly done
The world has finally left you alone
But you did it your way, your tapestry
Threaded the hate into a tragedy
Spin your paranoia, work your lies
I can't wait until the day you die

© 2009 X
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X: "Art Beware" by Kindsoul

A splash here
A brush stroke there
the canvas strewn on the floor
cool moist paint
on their hands
in her hair
on his chin
to draw
to paint
was their goal
art's beauty
they intended
to unfold
but as she helped him
guide his brush
suddenly he turned his head
from that point on
it was a blur
greens and blues
pinks and reds
on their skin
and on the ground
when all was done
the canvas they saw
filled w/ differnt hues
they hung it up
for all to see
so please remember to beware
dont ask the artist
which method they chose
just enjoy the art
thats the end of this prose

© 2009 Kindsoul
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