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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: The bricks I lay

THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Working On This Long Hard Hot Day
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Thi Nking Ill Sweat My Life Away
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Never Putting To Thought
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: What I Have Accomplished
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: But Still I Go Back With Not A Complaint
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: To Have A Whip Cracked On My Back
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: I Swear Them Days Make Me Sore
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Still I Struggle With My Job
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: Slapping On The Mud And The Morder
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: I Feel Great At The Bricks I Lay
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: People Will Will Se The Works I Done
THE_SOUTHERN_GEMMY: And Give Me Very Much Praise
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: The works I've done

X: Tapestry of hideousness
X: Formed by my own hands
johnf1971 left the room
X: How did I get here?
X: Strangers see an old man walking around
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X: They can't see the past
X: They don't know my thoughts
X: Here was a girl I dated, years ago
X: A convenience store now sits where her house was
X: Here was my great aunt
X: Now a vacant lot
X: I drive around this place
X: Searching to mend the past
X: Only to find
X: That it's exactly that
X: Everyone, everywhere, everything
X: Gone
X: The works I've done amounting to naught
X: No one is left to remember them
X: If God is gracious
X: The few still living
X: Will have forgotten me
X: But perhaps
X: You won't
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Saxophone

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Cool to the touch
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: begging to be warmed
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Needing your lips
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: silently waiting
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: to give me your breath
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: breathe me to life
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: make me sing
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: pressing your lips
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: wetting my reed
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I am the sax
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: and you... you
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: bring me to life
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: just breathe
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Beautiful Disaster

theeviljc: we were just walking....
theeviljc: i giggle now .. although she is furious..
theeviljc: the sweet evening breeze lifting her hair in fragrant waves...
theeviljc: the soft ripples of her skirt, teasing me with whats hidden.
theeviljc: we never saw it coming.....
theeviljc: i was too lost in her smile,
theeviljc: in her eyes,
theeviljc: teh tone of her voice..
theeviljc: the puddle didnt look that deep.... for it hadnt rainded more than a minute...
theeviljc: but the car.... drove to close....
theeviljc: and although.... she is no longer prestine in her outfit....
theeviljc: she is still my beautifull disaster..
Posted: June 8 2009 09:40 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Fear

CiaoBella1987: sadly i could not move
CiaoBella1987: lights were all about
CiaoBella1987: people seemed to whisper
CiaoBella1987: i just wanted to shout
CiaoBella1987: pain was leaping through me
CiaoBella1987: as if i were almost dead
CiaoBella1987: was the pain so searing
CiaoBella1987: or was it in my head
CiaoBella1987: a fog had drifted to my brain
CiaoBella1987: but i could still feel the pain
CiaoBella1987: searing darting everywhere
CiaoBella1987: no one seemed to have a care
CiaoBella1987: i was groggy it was foggy
CiaoBella1987: no time for meditation
CiaoBella1987: the pain and fear i had to endure
CiaoBella1987: was concious sedation
Posted: June 8 2009 09:47 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Final Lessons

♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: Holding your hand
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: so small in mine
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: so frail
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: never knowing
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: the tenderness in the powerless squeeze
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: was for me
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: never you
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: never your comfort, but mine
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: lazy days
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: afternoons of laughter
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: haunt me now
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: every memory a grain of sand
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: in a glass forever tilted
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: holding no more hours
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: my tears an ocean
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: dried in passing moments
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: then filled
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: exposing all the treasures of the depths of who you
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: are
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: were
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: to me
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: brother.
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: friend.
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: now no sand
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: no ocean
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: no treasure
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: only the gift in the sky
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: of you
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: watching me
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: somehow
♥ҚєѕтяєŁ♥: still holding my hand.
Posted: June 8 2009 10:00 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: The Ink in My Pen

TheMoo: The sin is in the skin
TheMoo: it takes to the flesh like the ink in my pen
TheMoo: the wince the pain the squirms the pain
TheMoo: once your in my chair leaving isnt an option
TheMoo: start what you finish.
Posted: June 8 2009 10:04 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Old-fashioned Hamburgers

♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Malt shake dripping down his lips
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: just a little lick, and half a kiss
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: heat rising on the pavement
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: ears overly absorbent
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Memories transcend time
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: a little faded but still in mind
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: they way he looked hair slicked back
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: rolled in his sleeve an empty pack
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: crooked smile, and a nervous laugh
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: he whistled to the wheeled staff
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: I'll have an old fashioned hamburger
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: She'll have a plain cheese burger
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Oh to go back in time and live it again
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: the memories you give are carved in
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Like names on a tree
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: My love is forever with me
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Kaleidescope of Emotions

X: Time
X: Stopped
X: And I couldn't tell you why
X: She was just a girl
X: One of millions
X: There were prettier girls
X: There were smarter girls
X: There were nicer girls
X: She did not pirhouette like a ballerina
X: Nor sing like Mariah Carey
X: Maybe it was the grace with which she cooked potatoes
X: Or the way her hand moved when writing a check
X: A kaleidoscope of emotions seized me
X: No pop psychologist could even dare to explain
X: What this
X: Ordinary
X: Woman
X: Did to me
X: So ordinary she was
X: That I lost my mind
X: I had to have her, to be near her
X: She'd never know how I felt
X: Not in words
X: But if I lived another thousand years
X: Or died tomorrow
X: My life would not have been in vain
X: For having felt a moment so
X: Ordinary
X: Perfectly
X: Ordinary
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Candle

Radioactive1: I don't recall her name
Radioactive1: I couldn't hold it in my heart
Radioactive1: my memory
Radioactive1: But she was there that night
Radioactive1: or maybe it was a dream
Radioactive1: true love with a feeling
Radioactive1: dark and mysterious
Radioactive1: as her raven's hair lay lightly on my chest
Radioactive1: we shared a thought
Radioactive1: we shared a night
Radioactive1: lit only by one single candle
Radioactive1: the candle I still hold close to me
Radioactive1: on those lonely nights
Radioactive1: when the wind screams
Radioactive1: and sighs
Radioactive1: but never whispers her name
Radioactive1: But still she's there
Radioactive1: haunting me
Radioactive1: a part of my heart forever
Radioactive1: a wasted dream
Radioactive1: a wasted thought
Radioactive1: as the flame dies out
Radioactive1: lost but still here
Radioactive1: by my side
Radioactive1: in the dark
Posted: June 8 2009 10:40 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Storms

amad3us: You are the face of the Storm
amad3us: Over the horizon you rise
amad3us: Under the sapphire sky you leave hidden
amad3us: Rolling thunder and clashes of lighting evade my eyes and ears
amad3us: Making everything become clouded and gray
amad3us: As the rain starts to fall
amad3us: Seas have seen a calmer wind
amad3us: Quaking under the rising water
amad3us: Upper rain begins to freeze
amad3us: Embers fall as lightning crashes a tree
amad3us: Rocks fall from the highest cliff
amad3us: And I laugh at my thoughts
amad3us: Devilish as it may be
amad3us: Every person deserves to laugh
amad3us: Storms don't scare me he screamed
amad3us: Try as hard as you might
amad3us: Our paths will cross again
amad3us: Ready I will be, to fight
amad3us: Moon shines, through, as the storm passes.
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: ShadowsDarkness: Decreasing rapidly
ShadowsDarkness: Pain increasing
ShadowsDarkness: Our love is fading
ShadowsDarkness: No trace to be found
ShadowsDarkness: In the middle of the night
ShadowsDarkness: You left me alone
ShadowsDarkness: Without a sound
ShadowsDarkness: Left to drown
ShadowsDarkness: In pain from our fading love
ShadowsDarkness: A feeling thatll be never ending
Posted: June 9 2009 11:49 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Cinema

violentsponge: Gigantic window into a fantacy world beyond.
violentsponge: I'm happy as a clam to escape my little pond.
violentsponge: The effects are very special and the dialogue is great,
violentsponge: But then from behind me comes the nuicance that I hate.
violentsponge: "Save your conversation bwy#$!!!" is what I should have said.
violentsponge: Clamming up and staring forward is my approach instead.
violentsponge: So, if you're going out, show some f%*^#y$ class.
violentsponge: Or give me twenty dollars for another movie pass.
Posted: June 9 2009 11:55 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Stuttering and Mumbling

chaoticmeadows: there' a guy on my corner, he stutters
chaoticmeadows: like broken techno or a skipping cd.
chaoticmeadows: sometimes he'll waver in front of the family dollar
chaoticmeadows: a forty in his hand and half grin, smiling to all the chickies in the street
chaoticmeadows: mumblng about ghosts of jazz bars and hospitals
chaoticmeadows: no one knows if it's true or not....
chaoticmeadows: so while he mumbles and stumbles and stutters,
chaoticmeadows: i throw him a buck
Posted: June 10 2009 12:02 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Steno Pads

Radioactive1: I carry a notebook
Radioactive1: to record my thoughts
Radioactive1: my mind's in chaos
Radioactive1: my thoughts a storm
Radioactive1: I carry a notebook
Radioactive1: to record my thoughts
Radioactive1: my mind's at war
Radioactive1: and passion the enemy
Radioactive1: my heart is a stranger
Radioactive1: against whom I wage war
Radioactive1: a constant struggle
Radioactive1: between my heart
Radioactive1: and mind
Radioactive1: I carry a notebook
Radioactive1: To keep score
Radioactive1: And reason is losing
Radioactive1: As it always does
Posted: June 10 2009 12:13 AM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Antarctica

theeviljc: mean, mean hate filled woman!!!
theeviljc: you dirty spitfull wench!!
theeviljc: nothing but evil spews form your mouth everytime you talk.
theeviljc: the constant belittling has banished any feelings for you to antartica..
theeviljc: there my heart freezes and awaits the day you leave my life..
theeviljc: my solace.. my sanctuary... my prison...
theeviljc: you have drove me to this heartless shell..
theeviljc: you have forced me to build this wall....
theeviljc: you have loaded that gun your self...
theeviljc: no bleed.. whilst i sit here and smile....
Posted: June 10 2009 08:17 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Love of your life

HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: I had just lost weight
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Emotions ran high with me
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Hormones stable
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: For the first time ever
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: I was like a race car
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Daring the track to take me
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: I caught her eye
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: She was the love of my life
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Everything to me
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: But she was already something
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: To her husband
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Now she dances with me
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Only in my memories
Posted: June 10 2009 08:20 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Seaweed

xbombchellex: I look down
xbombchellex: in that bottomless pit
xbombchellex: and I'm terrified
xbombchellex: I see you reachingfor me
xbombchellex: from the depths of the water
xbombchellex: and you're taunting me
xbombchellex: I'm terrified
xbombchellex: and I know you have
xbombchellex: the strength to drag me
xbombchellex: under
Posted: June 10 2009 08:28 PM
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♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥
♥♥ Јϋѕт Ŝсаяѕ ♥♥: Satan

X: I was here first
X: You're an infestation, not a creation
X: I invented lies
X: And powerful insecticide they are
X: I only had to utter one thing
X: To destroy all of you
X: "I'm better than you"
X: And thus the race began
X: It's in your blood, you see
X: You have to have more than he has
X: You have to f&%x this kind of woman
X: You have to be able to do this
X: You have to look like this
X: Why?
X: Because I told you so
X: And you've been annihilating one another
X: Ever since
X: All I have to do
X: Is sit back and wait
X: For this ball of rock and water
X: To be mine again
Posted: June 10 2009 08:28 PM
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Sunshine

Nick Has Nooo Idea: Sunshine
Nick Has Nooo Idea: The wind blows
Nick Has Nooo Idea: Clouds break
Nick Has Nooo Idea: The earth knows
Nick Has Nooo Idea: how much to take
Nick Has Nooo Idea: She spins around
Nick Has Nooo Idea: nature's rotisserie
Nick Has Nooo Idea: Too much, we drown
Nick Has Nooo Idea: too little, misery
Nick Has Nooo Idea: The sun shines
Nick Has Nooo Idea: we revolve
Nick Has Nooo Idea: Just like the pines
Nick Has Nooo Idea: we evolve

Posted: June 10 2009 08:37 PM
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Beer

HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Once, I got drunk
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: A case of beers
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: "Drink it, man!"
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: How many? I don't know.
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: I was blacking out
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Every five minutes wondering
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: "How did I get here?"
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: The only evidence
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Of what I had done
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Were the peanuts
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: From a Snickers bar
HALLOWEEN_KNIGHT: Still in my teeth

Posted: June 10 2009 08:45 PM
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: babe_xxx: pleasures FUN, pleasures GREAT
babe_xxx: i pleasure myself EVERYDAY!
babe_xxx: with a toy, or with a boy
babe_xxx: im never shy, im never coy
babe_xxx: i like it from behind, i like it up front
babe_xxx: put your hairy px$wx, in my wet c#^~
babe_xxx: hahaha

Posted: June 10 2009 09:01 PM
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Cannibalism

X: I wanted to have all of you
X: But then you told me we were through
X: I simply could not accept that
X: And ended your life with a whack
X: Making myself fat with you
X: Is how I will make one from two
X: Once I consume your anatomy
X: Together we will always be

Posted: June 10 2009 09:06 PM
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Reflection

xbombchellex: I stare at you
xbombchellex: and I barely recognize you
xbombchellex: that beautiful face
xbombchellex: with youthful eyes.
xbombchellex: and I see laughter
xbombchellex: where there use to be pain
xbombchellex: In your smile
xbombchellex: I see a strength
xbombchellex: that once was absent
xbombchellex: A proud woman stands
xbombchellex: and I realize who she is
xbombchellex: as my reflection stares
xbombchellex: back at me

Posted: June 10 2009 09:12 PM
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ZhyanthanZhyanthan (Wireclub Moderator)
Zhyanthan: Scientist

theeviljc: periodicly sitting on the table,
theeviljc: mental instability between universe.
theeviljc: poison's injested by solar injection..
theeviljc: time lost to warped perception..
theeviljc: hell even i can be a scientist....

Posted: June 10 2009 09:31 PM
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