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Trail_7: I really enjoyed this genre with the last book I read. How about yourself?
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ajb911: Shogun James Clavel a must read
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ray53young: "Woodland Encounter"

I am a skilled map maker and was acting on orders by the king to survey a remote part of his forest. The job was progressing smoothly when without warning I was confronted by a winged dragon. I was pushed to the ground and held down by it's powerful claws. To my surprise I heard the voice of a female.

"You are trespassing on my land! I could easily tear your heart out, but I will give you one chance to redeem yourself. If you are able to pleasure me, I shall spare your life."

As her claws lifted off of me she began playfully nudging at my manhood and making little growling sounds. I hated to admit, but her behavior had become very arousing.

"Remove your clothing so that I may gaze upon your flesh" she commanded.

I stood up and began shedding my garments with great haste. As the last bit of clothing fell to the ground, I stood gazing up at her with my fingers nervously interlaced behind me. Hopefully my erection was a sign of cooperation.

One of her front legs pushed on my back guiding me towards her moist opening. I was directed closer and closer until I was engulfed by her soft slippery warmth. It was nothing like any sensation I had ever experienced. She slowly snuggled down on me like a hen sitting on a nest. I began to move inside her as she made deep breathy sounds. I'm sure I wasn't as robust as a male dragon but I was trying my best. She seemed to be enjoying it and that's all that mattered, because my life depended on it.

I could hear loud moaning as she pressed into me with aggressive lust. It was strangely thrilling to be dominated like this. I had never felt so desired. As her animal passion continued to intensify I could feel the pressure of my orgasm building. Suddenly her body began to tremble and I heard a roar that echoed through the trees just as my surges filled her to overflowing!

Both of us rested for a moment before her body gently lifted with a sigh of contentment. She began to lick me like she was cleaning a newborn. There was something very sensual about her big warm tongue bathing me in appreciation. I managed to pick myself up and brush off the grass and dirt. Once again I heard her voice...

"Dragons do not lie, and as much as it pains me to set you free, I wish you a long and happy life."

I could see a tear in her eye as she turned away and took flight. As I watched her fade from view, I hoped that perhaps some day we would meet again.
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