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stephinrazin: Hello,
I like books. I am mainly into non-fiction. I have political, conspiracy, spiritual, and occult books.

Here are three sites I have posted books.
1. This one has only a couple hundred, but is organized pretty well.

2. This one has about 800 books, and is not organized.

3.This one is really not organized, but has about a thousand books.

If you are interested in esoteric topics, old books, conspiracy theories, or fringe politics it is worth a glance. I am sorry it is poorly organized, but I am too lazy to get it in order.

Enjoy. These accounts are only a portion of my collection so if you have a request for a book in the above topis feel free to ask.
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Ladyluck620: here are some sites i use for free digital books

i also use my public library and there are free books on youtube @

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