jules 1 your funny jking
JKING_ haha cool
jules 1 back Sherrie
jules 1 Hi Sil
sherrie4748 Am I ?? Lol. Opps
JKING_ i only fear large dogs and cops who talk to me uninvited
sandrakay776 Game please
Leserk You do not like big dogs, JKING?
cowboyclay89 Howdy all
jackjack0 Gee I have panophthis
JKING_ i like them
Amarey lionheart me want to fight
SilWantsRespect fear of everything that means fear of wordy too lol
jackjack0 Panophobia
OscarMikeGolf lol......Nothing wrong with big dogs......and nothing wrong with law enforcement officers......
JKING_ oscar correct
jackjack0 Any big dog or law enforcement officer who wants to chew king is fine by me
JKING_ puna Hi
Leserk I have a Great Dane. Can I apply for the job if I get a cop outfit? *grin*
JKING_ lol sure
puna02 hi lese
OscarMikeGolf One cop outfit coming your way @ Lerserk
JKING_ long as i can do the interview
Leserk *laughs* The images in my head are priceless
JKING_ i'm getting corrupted here
mstique05 nother game anyone?? moooovin rite along
stowevt2000a game anyone
apeychick13 me i'll play
Melodies3 Anyone fancy a game?
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