Schevon Owa hi 🖐
OwaTanaSiam woohoo, new catfisher friend request
Laurelle haha owa, quite likely
OwaTanaSiam Laurelle, I also think many went into the witless protection program and ass-umed a new identity, weather by choice, or deletion
Lewnatic @OwaTanaSiam game
Laurelle but maybe theyre both here, incognito
Laurelle he deleted, moon is on vacay
Darlene Ont wait.....moonriver is missing too!!
sushi bandit hmmm convenient timing
Darlene Ont Maybe he's on vacation or something......
GuyFriday hi there, anyone for a game please
Laurelle yes, for a couple weeks now, dar
sushi bandit Yeah where is Wally
sushi bandit I am on a mission to add everyone as my friend
Darlene Ont I noticed Wally is missing .....
Ned59 Game?
OwaTanaSiam i think my current opponent has left the building
Laurelle he knows where to find me
Darlene Ont I've never played him.
sushi bandit I sent him your way lol
Laurelle good player
Darlene Ont hi ya sushi
kc25 got 1
Laurelle oh yes, i play him often
sushi bandit Also, hey @darlene
Marylea Got one.
sushi bandit it was dollarstorethor
sushi bandit @Laurelle LOL
kc25 game
Marylea Hello, would anyone care for a game?
Laurelle who was that? make sure i dont play them
OwaTanaSiam i need every second of the allotted 2 minutes to pick crappy words
Darlene Ont wow...400 pts that had to hurt
sushi bandit it was crazy
sushi bandit there's at least one player here I played recently, he didnt go over 10 sec and beat me by 400 points
Ms_MOtown Game please?
sushi bandit Lol that's because it is long
Laurelle i feel like it takes so long
Laurelle regular play ages me now lol
jamesb35 game anyone?
Laurelle some players here that i play often, we're usually so close entire game , until the last couple drops
sushi bandit I suppose so but I don't remember what regular play feels like anymore lol
Laurelle that can be true even in regular play
sushi bandit @laurelle I feel like 30s wordy games mostly come down to last few words
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