mentalisto1 be nice? Of course you can
SunsetJuliet Mental, please stop calling me Boulevard.
americaneagle3186 Only poisonous snakes Hun
wordyman or like closed gates
Just Joni A game pleae lol
jules 1 bye A/Eagle take care of you,
wordyman shady pines
mentalisto1 what should I call you then?
jules 1 and Juliet
SunsetJuliet Bye Julesy
jules 1 I will
wordyman bye jules
jules 1 sweet ladies
Dennis048 Bye Jules
jules 1 bye wordy
jules 1 bye dennis
mentalisto1 What about "The princess who was truly wafted here from paradise"?
mentalisto1 can I call you that?
SunsetJuliet I like that lol
SunsetJuliet Wafted though?
SunsetJuliet It sounds gassy
mentalisto1 It's a bit long!!! not that long! The name is a bit long
Dennis048 @ gassy
mentalisto1 wafted is a Sheelyan term
mentalisto1 Shellyan
SunsetJuliet I am the Princess of the Pea Pod People
Radumi game anyone??
Zz01 got a new high scoring word 252pts. Definition
wordyman would any lady care to enlighten an old man at wordy , please and thanks
mentalisto1 Gawd it sounds like a toilet
Dennis048 well done Zz
SunsetJuliet A toilet?
WaterWays game please
mentalisto1 anyway. I feel rejected and shall retire to my garret and waste away from non-coetal denial
WaterWays have one thank you
Radumi game anyone???
Zz01 Mother wink
Mother Blobber Hello Radumi
Zz01 Thanks Sun
mentalisto1 Woo is me! Rejected by the only love of my life
mentalisto1 What life? What denial of an existence?
SunsetJuliet Who's the love of your life?
SunsetJuliet You're welcome Z
Radumi hi mother !!!
Radumi how are you?
Mother Blobber I'mma happy
Queen_Carlsberg hi guys, i love a game please
Mother Blobber how are you?
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