blameitonme just dont know why ppl use fake pics... i mean how much of a loser can you be?
Johnny2016 Game, anyone?
blameitonme dont taint the weeknd, fan girl
Mermaide Still probing?
MightyMermaid it's quite a compliment that he thinks your pic is fake...
Angellina speaking of loser i just blocked another one ....
Mermaide Yes. Paying me so much attention.
Mermaide I love the way my nickname slides off his fingers.
Mermaide Enter!
Angellina i dont need to please anyone on here but myself
playful_jayne it e a chance with your havur curse of being beautiful mermaid and the fact he could neve
MarieMimi46 Amen to that Angellina
playful_jayne wow that came out screwed up
MightyMermaid the sentiment was there jayne
Mermaide He's just butthurt because I didn't continue with his pm nor accepted his game request.
Mermaide Lol M2.
playful_jayne it is the curse of being beautiful mermaid, and him never having a chance with u
Mermaide I observed him do similar a few days to someone else.
Mermaide Anyways.
blameitonme suck start a 9mm @mermaide
Angellina let us not waste our fingers chatting with this youngin
MarieMimi46 wb Hombre
One Bad Hombre how's your day so far?
MarieMimi46 good ty and yours
One Bad Hombre good, busy but good
One Bad Hombre tonight getting freezing rain
One Bad Hombre right? lol
One Bad Hombre c'est la vie canadienne etc etc
MarieMimi46 just keep it there please Hombre
Zxlross iM JAYSON
Angellina good idea Marie
One Bad Hombre only until March
One Bad Hombre then you guys pick it up
Angellina after Easter maybe
MarieMimi46 if it was here I would do the same thing ..honest
One Bad Hombre beginning of!
Angellina sending some hombre s way
Zxlross i'm lost
MarieMimi46 hi Zxlross
Angellina sends a gps to zx
Zxlross you ok
MarieMimi46 hi there incabecky
Zxlross can you cook mm46
One Bad Hombre anyone care to partake in a wordy game?
MarieMimi46 yes I can and bake too
Angellina Marie u should put your resume on here
Zxlross you ok 46
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