izrale so i can figh tit...
BaByJaY23 Game anyone
Man_in_hosiery how about a car made of shmallow, no need for airbags
izrale hmmmm
jmiller99 anyone want a game ?
MightyMermaid now you are being silly
treacherouscretn ever dream about eating a 20 lb marshmallow, then wake up and your pillow is missing??
izrale if i ever win lotto..om getting a 8 foot by 8 foot mellow
MightyMermaid not yet treach.. maybe tonight
mdnghtstorm game anyone
Man_in_hosiery I am sheer some food festival already roasted the 64 square foot shmallow but you didnt hear about it bc it was fake news....oh wait, then you would have heard....nvm
bohemian_canuck lace .. so is is leather or satin tonight?
bohemian_canuck short skimpy dress?
MightyMermaid i had marshmallow cravings when i was preggers.. i could smell them in the next aisle at the grocery store
ViDates game anyone
BlackLace4U purple sweater dress
Man_in_hosiery all the marshmallows are hiding....theyre being hunted
MightyMermaid i can find them
Man_in_hosiery like a raptor
izrale i can sniff single kernal candy corn at 9 miles..!!!
bohemian_canuck the more you wear .. the more you will have to take off
Man_in_hosiery my teeth hurt
izrale :dance;
MightyMermaid yes mine too MH
BlackLace4U laffin' so darn hard
Man_in_hosiery Iz, you been hanging with Ally, silly bad colon
izrale yea..lol
MightyMermaid he types with his toes also
izrale bad influence
MightyMermaid he and allyl both do
MightyMermaid cute lil monkeys
izrale i jus ttyp hti spoac ebat to mcuch aslot
BlackLace4U (not going out tonight)
Man_in_hosiery the real shame is I understand Iz-type
bohemian_canuck so he is coming in?
MightyMermaid yes me too
edita45 game anyone?
MightyMermaid okay i gotta go.. bye bye and see you soon!!
izrale be safe
Man_in_hosiery cya MMaaaalllooowwww
edita45 game?
slevin007 Game anyone?
izrale im staring at my screen..
izrale like this....
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