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sugarhoney61 where are u from cat ? an your parents ?
LinaAndPeyton4Ever @sugarhoney61 aloha
sugarhoney61 aloha lina
CATscratchfever see we are all from virginia
CATscratchfever they moved here after he retired
LinaAndPeyton4Ever We spent the last four days cleaning our house
LinaAndPeyton4Ever I feel like my feet are gonna fall off
CATscratchfever then aftr i met my ex husband they decided to move to florida to retire
sugarhoney61 aww ok cat
CATscratchfever and i was here married
gigi1808 won with
CATscratchfever i been here close to 30 years other than the 2 years i lived with them
gigi1808 won with
CATscratchfever its sad to see your parent like this , i know we all go through it
LinaAndPeyton4Ever Anyone know how i can relax my sore feet?
sugarhoney61 whow ok cat
gigi1808 won with
gigi1808 won with
LinaAndPeyton4Ever I cant right now mom is in the bath t
gigi1808 won with
LinaAndPeyton4Ever does anybody need a free hug?
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Donnafr0mspace won with
Donnafr0mspace won with
Donnafr0mspace won with
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Cheebs_ hi mini hug sss
Donnafr0mspace won with
Mini Me_ hi cheebs hugss
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CATscratchfever i made it just in time
Mini Me_ yay cat
CATscratchfever have some minutes to go but
gigi1808 won with
CATscratchfever im broke but i hope i get the badge
Cheebs_ aloha pie
Cheebs_ hi gigi
CATscratchfever never know til the fat lady sings lol
Cheebs_ if he don't come back u got the race cat
CATscratchfever yeah that is what i was thinking
CATscratchfever hoping not to see his name lol
Cheebs_ slot door
CATscratchfever i want the badge once no matter wht it took to get it lol
Cheebs_ ikr cat lmao
gigi1808 won with
CATscratchfever i could of played for a week on those lol
CATscratchfever i did share half of it so i only lost 90k lol
gigi1808 won with
CATscratchfever ill get some back thugh
CATscratchfever to compete with multi tabs yes
Cheebs_ gotcha
Cheebs_ i dislike multi tabbers
CATscratchfever i dolnt usually do that
gigi1808 won with
CATscratchfever but i thought what the heck
CATscratchfever se if it pays off but if only for a badge
Cheebs_ i don't blame u
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