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HelpBot MrHamster, Knock Knock!
MrHamster who's there
HelpBot MrHamster, Cozy!
MrHamster Cozy who?
HelpBot MrHamster, Cozy whose knocking please.
bigmamma2 Oh I retract my last comment that was bad bot
HelpBot bigmamma2, Knock Knock!
bigmamma2 Who's there?
HelpBot bigmamma2, Avenue.
bigmamma2 :shakes head:
HelpBot @bigmamma2
bigmamma2 Ha ha ha
MrHamster didn't know you was playing with it
bigmamma2 All good I was finished any way. Thanks for yr help hamster
HelpBot aMariaK - Welcome! Please select one of the help topics from my blog so that I may assist you: helpbot
Pleo Kitty_ Where the hell are you helpbot!
Squeeee Your supposed to help, not being lazy and probably jacked up somewhere in the corner o.O
Pleo Kitty_ Yeh XD he's masturbating
Pleo Kitty_ He's shoving his hand into his sexy motherboard and pulling them sexy wires out the fuze aka cum is flowing out aka he's dead
Squeeee Oh geez XD
Squeeee if we talk like this maybe help bot doesn't want to help o-o
Pleo Kitty_ Good I'm glad I have mail mate
Pleo Kitty_ Damn my mail ran off
Squeeee Lol lol
Squeeee Soo what's happening
Pleo Kitty_ Idk I'm still sad my mail left my mailbox
Squeeee Awe cri
Squeeee -rolls- cuz it's appropriate :3
Squeeee Idk what I'm doing with my life 😐
Squeeee Hello :3
Squeeee I'm good ::
Pleo Kitty_ Well I'll leave ya two ta talk see ya later
Squeeee Oh my
Squeeee Yayy wb
Pleo Kitty_ What the hell!
The greatest person Looks like pfp (
Pleo Kitty_ It keeps bring me back
Squeeee Wut o-o
Squeeee lol that's good
Squeeee Gtg ;-;
Pleo Kitty_ Heh bye...
Lightupthedark You guys really help?
Lightupthedark There's a dude that stole pictures of me now trying to be me
Lightupthedark It's kinda perverted I guess
Lightupthedark I reported him to you guys
Lightupthedark Hope you take care of that!

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