Opywang He think he does, but he doesn't
Rumhead does anyone here the sound of a bitter moron
honda911 opywang you are luckyyou are even allowed here
Eternal Wonders many people including myself, have fallen victim into defending their pride while holding up the word of God. when upholding the love of God it will be shown, but hostility will always be present when defending ones own status
honda911 eternal wonders then move on
honda911 with your pride
Opywang Eternal do Honda condemned you?
Opywang Are there any soul that Honda does not condemned?
honda911 opywang meet me in pm
Eternal Wonders i'm just sharing how shifty pride can be hehe
honda911 opywang wanting to share
Rumhead opy dont pm him
Opywang Why pm?
Opywang Talk here in the open
honda911 i opy certain info i cannot post here on main
Rumhead last time he kicked you for no reason
honda911 opy i want to mention a site
honda911 is all
honda911 opy this is all you may like
honda911 is all
honda911 i cannot post the site hre in main
Rumhead i wouldnt pm if i was you opy
honda911 rumhead he already has I WIN
Rumhead lol yea he wins
Rumhead see what i mean
Eternal Wonders if someone has to be kicked i dont see that as a win. i see that as a sign we have to up the anty on the power of our faith
honda911 rumhead you are influced by spirts as i see
honda911 and them being rum rofl
Rumhead ok moron if you say so
honda911 rumhead ah have i struck a nerve
honda911 ah so so very sad the hear a ssuch
honda911 rumhead you feeling ok
honda911 ah to bad
honda911 rumhead go suck it back dude is all you do
Rumhead sad little man you are
honda911 i here
honda911 rumhead go jointhem on religion
Rumhead stop talking to me moron
Rumhead lol youre such a child
Rumhead you pm me and then block me
Opywang Rum are you huduin?
Rumhead yup i am
Opywang Interesting
Opywang Do hundin teach kundalini, or something?
Rumhead not that i know of
Opywang so what bring you in here?
Opywang to christian chat room?
Opywang a friend?
Opywang gotcha
Rumhead she invited me
Opywang yea i remember rib
Opywang Honda forget about loving your neighbor as yourself
Opywang I do the same thing I need to practice that as well
Rumhead honda is a fool
Rumhead i have seen enough of him to know that
Opywang He blind himself he doesn't grow when he blind himself like that
Opywang I shouldn't judge him
Opywang God bless him
Rumhead thats good opy
Opywang You know
Opywang I can see the other side?
Opywang Sometime I see spirits that have blue skin. It remind me of hundi gods.
Rumhead ah ok ok
honda911 opywang you feeling ok
honda911 big bro hi
Big_Bro86 sup honda
Masarch96 Hello Everyone
Masarch96 Is everyone away again?
Masarch96 How are you eternal?
Eternal Wonders pretty good thanks. how bout you
sarahford0898 @Eternal Wonders hey what’s up

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