oceangraysea he is talented he sold alot of his music to hip hop and television
oceangraysea what do you like
Santas Wee Helper I'm a bit of a classic rock lover so most things from the 70s and 80s
oceangraysea oh okay u like ambrosha
oceangraysea i love those songs they sing
oceangraysea i am more into heart and acdc foreigner
oceangraysea rod stewert i love
Santas Wee Helper heart I love
oceangraysea and the only woman i dream of
oceangraysea i love all their songs
Santas Wee Helper rod is the bomb in his early days
oceangraysea and only one song by exile kiss you all over that long hair man in that video i think at times he is a woman
Santas Wee Helper ac/dc I can take or leave
oceangraysea i love thunderstruck
oceangraysea shook me all night
Santas Wee Helper they guys in cinderella should be women
oceangraysea i love dont know what you got til its gone
oceangraysea that was my 90s band
oceangraysea i love night ranger
oceangraysea i got to meet alot of the bands
Santas Wee Helper had a busy day bug?
oceangraysea in person
oceangraysea bon jovi with cinderella
oceangraysea heart 38 special
Christmas Bug ya, cleaning up parking lot, from snow we got last week
oceangraysea my favorite was night ranger jack black
oceangraysea okay every one have a nice day and thanks for the chat
Santas Wee Helper tc ocean stop by again
Santas Wee Helper hate being ordered around
Christmas Bug a WEE bit slow there Wee
robertcamaro76 damn mooch she was
Santas Wee Helper some of the youngsters have no manners ]
RoseDragonfly lol, nope
Santas Wee Helper I'm always taken aback by them
RoseDragonfly They're saying there were no seat belts on the train.
Santas Wee Helper I have never seen seatbelts on a train
RoseDragonfly me neither
robertcamaro76 I never seen a train have them
RoseDragonfly Don't know why they mentioned it.
Santas Wee Helper maybe they think its time we had some
RoseDragonfly Yes, maybe. they said people probably went flying in the train.
Santas Wee Helper people would have been thrown around a lot
RoseDragonfly It was a new bypass, this morning was the first time they used it.
robertcamaro76 buckle up its the law
Santas Wee Helper for cars yes
robertcamaro76 it should be for all
Santas Wee Helper and I think coaches have them now too
robertcamaro76 bugs how much snow did you get
Christmas Bug around 8 inchs
robertcamaro76 geezzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Santas Wee Helper wow thats a lot of snow
snowlady901 hiya Bug!
robertcamaro76 sorry too hear about your dad bugs
Christmas Bug thank you Rob
Christmas Bug its been a Sad year
Santas Wee Helper yes it has we were all thinking of you bug
RoseDragonfly aww, sorry Bug.
RoseDragonfly bye rob, too late. Lol
Santas Wee Helper ye does the same thing every day lol
Gray Cat i'm back
Santas Wee Helper lol its one i one out here
Christmas Bug Hi Gray, wb
RoseDragonfly lol santa
Gray Cat ty 4 the wb hii bug
Christmas Bug one i one
Santas Wee Helper lol one in one out
Christmas Bug ahhh, ok..lol
Christmas Bug ya had to spell it out for me, hehe

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