Nathan Explosion I think I've seen it aswell
sistrishie Might have to come check it out soon
CamillaSw you are always welcome
sistrishie I'll be sure to stop in
sistrishie And you are here too
CamillaSw sometimes dippy go to my room too
sistrishie Dippy the bomb
CamillaSw i am friends with her
sistrishie I've been mod here for few months now
CamillaSw i helped her when she had problems with log in to her room
sistrishie Hi Jeremy
sistrishie Oh nice
sistrishie How are ya
sistrishie Good to hear
CamillaSw hello harp
CamillaSw good to see you harp
jeremyharp417 U to camilla
jeremyharp417 It slow tonight Camilla
CamillaSw its morning here
jeremyharp417 It night here
sistrishie Very slow
sistrishie It is Tuesday
jeremyharp417 I am about to sleep
sistrishie Soon here too
sistrishie Only 2 hours sleep last night
sistrishie Good kol
Nathan Explosion jeremy still with us?
sistrishie Think he fell asleep
sistrishie Kinda a rough night
Nathan Explosion Why's that?
sistrishie Just us
sistrishie Tuedsdays usually this way
Nathan Explosion Just a weekday
sistrishie Yeah second Monday of the week
sistrishie Is what it is I reckon
sistrishie Usually up at 4 then dippy comes in to
sistrishie Guess im dedicated
sistrishie Which I don't mind
Nathan Explosion Hello tummygirl
tummygirl sisseh hi nathan
Nathan Explosion How are you?
sistrishie Kitty's sleeping?
tummygirl im good thanks for asking its a nice night tonight i made chili
tummygirl yep there sleeping and there so cute right now
sistrishie Cool tummy
tummygirl i got cut but that is nothnig serious
sistrishie Deth how goes it?
Nathan Explosion high five lol
sistrishie Be careful tummy
tummygirl o,o i had my gloves on and i guss the can lid cut my thumb just a little it does not hurt
sistrishie Guess he goes
sistrishie Niosporin tummy
sistrishie Don't let it get infected
tummygirl i treated it so its fine now
sistrishie Okies just making sure
tummygirl how is everyone tonight?
sistrishie Might have to crash soon

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