Lady Erica no one is here joe but us
Joeflesk Were are u from
Lady Erica houston joe
Joeflesk When are u coming to visit me lol
Lady Erica lol where
Joeflesk Ireland
Lady Erica so cool
Lady Erica i am in texas
Joeflesk Do you like it there
Lady Erica so great
Joeflesk Are you married
Lady Erica nooo single
Joeflesk Better again lol
Joeflesk What time is it there
Joeflesk Why are u still up
Lady Erica i woke up to get water
Joeflesk I thought u were going to say because I an here lol
Lady Erica your right
Joeflesk I an 6 hours ahead of you
Lady Erica oh cool its morning there
Joeflesk 8.28 am
Joeflesk Talk later getting ready for work
Lady Erica yes lol
Joeflesk Add me

girls who are married but unhappy

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