stirlings046 lol Ellie from shefield had more steel in her lips than shefield!
stirlings046 awww sleep well may
Mayflowerz Bed time xxx
stirlings046 sun has set!
jt261968 Somerset here
stirlings046 xx May will soon be june when she turns into a beautiful bluebell
Mayflowerz Hi Aaron
AaronUK1977 Hello mayflower
AaronUK1977 Its been muggy and grey here all day
stirlings046 Brighton xx many miles away
stirlings046 and dont say infront of a pc or phone
AaronUK1977 Iā€™m in Brighton
stirlings046 welcome where are you
AaronUK1977 Evening stirling
stirlings046 Yellow White Red and such a deep purpls they ar called black roses
stirlings046 I know not far from me
Css87 Good scenery in Yorkshire
stirlings046 I grw all colours
stirlings046 sorry to Yorkshire!
Css87 Indeed
stirlings046 lol keeps red from white!
Css87 Lol keeps them fresh
stirlings046 and good horse poo for the roses
stirlings046 good for royalty good for the world
Css87 Ah yea the races be there
stirlings046 Aintree so no
Css87 Have you a strong Scouse accent
stirlings046 lol you charmer
Css87 Back for you x
stirlings046 Kinky Boots!
stirlings046 Thigh High boots
stirlings046 ok re-think
Mayflowerz Demons and Angels?
stirlings046 lol asked for friend then left
Mayflowerz There's already a room with that name!
stirlings046 xx perfect
Mayflowerz Angels and demons
stirlings046 with the plurl yes
Mayflowerz Is that settled?
Mayflowerz I'll be the angel obviously
Common Bloke Oh sorry,
stirlings046 mmm your the angel
Mayflowerz Angel and demon
stirlings046 common you not chatting?
Mayflowerz Mad and Bad
Mayflowerz Or just cunning plan ?
stirlings046 as cunning as a fox with two tails?
Mayflowerz I've got a cunning plan?
stirlings046 cunning plan
Mayflowerz SharMay
Css87 Rosie and Jim
stirlings046 Black Adder
Css87 šŸ‘€
stirlings046 lol no Oxford or Cambridge!
Mayflowerz A bit long?
stirlings046 row woe yoy boat gently down the stream, trousers down isn't life a scream
Mayflowerz Rocky boat is a bit better
stirlings046 2 doe not inply invites x
Css87 Rocky boat
Mayflowerz 2 in a boat
stirlings046 lol not titanic and hate tarts unless jam on them x
Mayflowerz Crazy tarts?
Css87 2 in a boat ?
stirlings046 think of a name Css

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