TriviaBot Category 'science' Question Term for the time it takes a radioactive substance to decay to 50% of its original quantity
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Angelaaah Halflife
TriviaBot @Angelaaah you are right. The answer is: "halflife"
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Dazey halflife
Angelaaah Is that why the game is called that
Seth D O DoubleG google can't even help me.lo
Squan is still thinking of Ang and Fergie
Angelaaah Dont google ffs
Angelaaah Lol she would get it good
Seth D O DoubleG its still isn't helping
Angelaaah Its pointless not like you win anything
Squan uh oh. Hammy time.
Angelaaah Or corwin, he managed to fix it earlier
Squan Good to know
Hey_its_K Hi criuth
CatRises go away kayla
CatRises *tableflip*
Hey_its_K *crosses arms*
CatRises hope life has been good K
Angelaaah Dammit come back bot
Hey_its_K Life is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.
Seth D O DoubleG taking to long eh ?
Angelaaah It breaks sometimes
Seth D O DoubleG :dissapointed:
CatRises perhaps they are updating
CatRises but K cat knows what you mean
Seth D O DoubleG ::disapointed:
CatRises anyways bbl
AbbathAffekt Bot run out of Q's?
Angelaaah He broked
AbbathAffekt Poor fella
Angelaaah Hows it goin?
AbbathAffekt Great! You?
Angelaaah Yeah alright
AbbathAffekt Am buzzed
Angelaaah 3 more hours before i can go home n sleep
Angelaaah Buzzed on life or drugs?
Angelaaah Nice haha
AbbathAffekt I love my whiskey
Angelaaah Oh yeah thats right
AbbathAffekt Except, it's Scotch tonight
Angelaaah Too strong for my tastebuds
Angelaaah Would need loads of mixer
AbbathAffekt A nice 25 year MacAllan
Angelaaah Lol it would be mac
AbbathAffekt Damn you autocorrect
AbbathAffekt I do like Laphroaig and Knappogue as well
Angelaaah That would of been brewed an hour away from me
Angelaaah I spat in your scotch
AbbathAffekt You mean pissed? Lmao
Angelaaah Lol and pissed
Angelaaah Go away fry
AbbathAffekt But yeah, I'm Irish, so it's naturally whiskey

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