RoseDragonfly So how is the weather in Ireland?
nordicmist Damp......thou nothing new abt that....
RoseDragonfly OK. Same here.
RoseDragonfly Damp and grey.
nordicmist Yes miserable...
RoseDragonfly we've had a little bit of snow here.
nordicmist Has it cleared now.....
RoseDragonfly Yes, it stayed for a couple of hours.
nordicmist Gd it's gone......
RoseDragonfly yes. I don't like snow.
nordicmist No cause it turns into slush...
nordicmist again........hope your friend...Astarte...logs on again. Bye for now.t.c.
RoseDragonfly tale care, see you.
Aidan1911 Hi again Rose
Aidan1911 you re from Ireland right ?
RoseDragonfly No, the UK.
Aidan1911 oh sorry
Aidan1911 I was in the UK a few weeks ago
RoseDragonfly Cool, where did you go?
Aidan1911 well actually i was at a the airport
Aidan1911 in london Gatwick
Aidan1911 I flew to Spain
Aidan1911 and stopped at Gatwick
RoseDragonfly I have been to Gatwick. Not much to do there.
Aidan1911 But it was still the first time i went to the Uk it was actually very exciting
Aidan1911 in what area do you live ?
RoseDragonfly OK. I'm in Kent.
RoseDragonfly well, it's warmer and drier here than in the rest of the UK. That's good I guess.
RoseDragonfly It's still too cold.
Aidan1911 yeah i m sure it is. Not too warm here either. But the summers are actually unbearable
Aidan1911 too hot
RoseDragonfly Aww, OK. I guess you have inland climate? Here it's coastal climate.
Aidan1911 yeah i live in hottest area in germany pretty much
Aidan1911 it s also very humid so we get killed by tons of mosquitoes..yep i really need to move
RoseDragonfly I will google baden-wurttemberg.
RoseDragonfly Aha, it's right in the south, near Switzerland.
RoseDragonfly where would you like to move?
Aidan1911 i don t know yet
RoseDragonfly OK. I'd like to move to the south of France.
Aidan1911 i was there last summer
RoseDragonfly Nice. where did you go?
Aidan1911 in the french riviera
Aidan1911 Nice, cannes
Aidan1911 yeah it s amazing
RoseDragonfly Cool, I want to go there some day.
Aidan1911 i grew up in france actually lol
RoseDragonfly So you speak 3 languages?
Aidan1911 yes i do
RoseDragonfly Cool. Lucky you.
Aidan1911 thank you !
RoseDragonfly I know a little bit of French, but not enough to manage living there. I will have to get much better at French.
Aidan1911 I can teach you
RoseDragonfly OK. Thanks.
RoseDragonfly I can say simple things, such as Je m'apelle Rose.
Aidan1911 that s a start !
Aidan1911 comment tu vas ?
RoseDragonfly Je suis bien. Et vous?
Aidan1911 tres bien merci
Aidan1911 you should definitely visit france
RoseDragonfly Yes. I have been to Paris once.
Aidan1911 ah cool
RoseDragonfly Brb, food.
Aidan1911 you go more often. it s next door
Aidan1911 what s Brb ?
Aidan1911 you should*
RoseDragonfly Brb - be righ back
RoseDragonfly Yes, I should go more often, but I never get round to it.

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