seriesnumber Do u want to change me
seriesnumber Asian and white
seriesnumber South Korean and brb
seriesnumber Red and blue eyes
seriesnumber South Korean Russian American Australian?
seriesnumber American Australian Canadian?
seriesnumber Not mexican
You_Holler_I_Hauler I can make that happen
You_Holler_I_Hauler But your still a defector
seriesnumber Ok australian
seriesnumber Defector meaning
seriesnumber Let me look it up
You_Holler_I_Hauler Meaning north Korean
seriesnumber do go back to north korea
You_Holler_I_Hauler I know what you did last summer
seriesnumber so I'm like north korean
seriesnumber meaning I'm a communist
seriesnumber gets boring
seriesnumber why am I here then holler
seriesnumber send me back
You_Holler_I_Hauler In 1 piece or 100?
seriesnumber wtf y am I here
seriesnumber I'm not sure of anything holler
seriesnumber Idky I'm here
You_Holler_I_Hauler But you sound like a nut job
seriesnumber How did I end up here
seriesnumber Y make them
seriesnumber Made so many
You_Holler_I_Hauler From the fallen angels
seriesnumber just want to stop it
You_Holler_I_Hauler The end is near
seriesnumber im not sure of anything
seriesnumber I'm tired
You_Holler_I_Hauler We can only be sure of 1 thing in this works
seriesnumber The world
You_Holler_I_Hauler I'm not waiting for you
You_Holler_I_Hauler Time us short

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