There Is No God Got way too drunk last night
There Is No God Didn't even realize I blacked out and threw up
There Is No God And hit my head
There Is No God At her place
There Is No God She had to clean up my vomit
There Is No God Just one spot tho'
There Is No God Alcohol hatesme
There Is No God Always misjudge that shit
BlueberrySlave im wondering where i get my hair from
There Is No God Mom or dad's side?
BlueberrySlave but not as thick
BlueberrySlave my hair's very thin
There Is No God I have no idea who
There Is No God 's side I favr
There Is No God I slept at her place last night
BlueberrySlave i get it from vikings.. ..
There Is No God Slept shitty tho
BlueberrySlave but we're not really sure if they're jews or not, or our russian side
BlueberrySlave i really should research thrace and istanbul customs
BlueberrySlave just dont..
BlueberrySlave a portion of my mom's side moved to america
There Is No God Why research that
BlueberrySlave jewish people believe all women except jewish women are wenches...
There Is No God I feel sleep deprived and kind of shit
There Is No God Prostitutes oh
BlueberrySlave you should take a pill and go to bed..
BlueberrySlave my dad sent an article that had a redhead turkish tribe
BlueberrySlave with bronze skin
There Is No God What's the significance of that
BlueberrySlave that turkish people can be redheads lol
BlueberrySlave he was being cute
BlueberrySlave ttyl, kissd

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