Tonileigh's Room of Banter Tonileigh's Room of Banter

CuPiD_StUnT jACE But those who are smart enough, know they must stay
CuPiD_StUnT jACE I do enjoy solo writing
Blury : ) Give me back my rags
Blury My rags of pure dreaming
Blury Of silk smiling
Blury Of striped foreboding
Blury Of my lacy cloth
Blury My rags of spotted hope
Blury Of shot desire
Blury Of chequered looks
Blury Of my face's skin
Blury Give me back my rags
Blury Give me when I ask you nicely
Blury All of these are written by
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Rags or riches, there is but on desire, rags or riches, just avoid the fire,
Blury one of my favorite poets
BarneyBoy83 I want to bream fee
CuPiD_StUnT jACE breal freeeeee
BarneyBoy83 I fallen in love
BarneyBoy83 God knows
Blury I got to break freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Morphine my love, you are all i have
CuPiD_StUnT jACE I grip the pillow screaming in dispar
BarneyBoy83 Lol while the sun hangs in the sky. The desert has sand
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Everyone has gone but least you are there
BarneyBoy83 While the waves crash and the sea meets the land
CuPiD_StUnT jACE You were never meant to grow old and you will never know the love of a child
BarneyBoy83 I whisper to the skies and the rainbow
CuPiD_StUnT jACE But your sweet voice flowing through my veins makes the thought feel mild
CuPiD_StUnT jACE You tell me I am your love and you are here for me
CuPiD_StUnT jACE You Tell me to let go of the present, future my history
BarneyBoy83 Through the desert plains I feel your pain
CuPiD_StUnT jACE I laid down in your icy grip, just don't let it go don't let me slip
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Sleep now does the heart that is heavy
Blury maybe i should contribute to the whirling tornado of poetics?
Blury nah, I'll let it flow
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Sleep now, you weightless hearts
CuPiD_StUnT jACE I hope you guys are chilled
Blury I am
Blury I have a wolf song to share
CuPiD_StUnT jACE So does Barney
Blury Anybody care to hear it?
CuPiD_StUnT jACE he knows s great one
Blury *poem, not a song
Blury The lame wolf walks the world
Blury One paw treads the sky
Blury The others pace the earth
Blury He walks backwards
Blury Erasing each pawprint before him
Blury He walks half-blind
Blury With terrible bloodshot eyes
Blury Full of dead stars and living parasites
Blury He walks with a millstone
Blury Forced round his neck
Blury An old tin can
Blury Tied to his tail
Blury He walks without resting
Blury Out of one circle of dog-heads
Blury Into another
Blury He walks with the twelve-faced sun
Blury On a tongue which lolls to the ground
CuPiD_StUnT jACE we ate a happy group lol
Blury hahhahhaaha
CuPiD_StUnT jACE May you all find love
CuPiD_StUnT jACE And if not love
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Then just love you
Blury I already have love, Jase. Aww, thanks!
Blury Night, dear!
Blury I am off to bed now, thank you for all the poetry and all the rest, guys!
blackstarlight3 -pokes the boys- hewwo

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