Tonileigh's Room of Banter Tonileigh's Room of Banter

AriiiiUP can hear the northern screams on the isle of wight
prospect32 I can picture her kyle not the playstation remote.....................tim will go beserk
AriiiiUP lol pro you're a sick puppy lol
AriiiiUP hiya jd
eriikaa Backkkk
jdsocal Hey Ari what's up
AriiiiUP erikaaaa x hey lovely how ya doing?
prospect32 woof woof
eriikaa Ari xx
prospect32 shit man now that im back at work tomo I got a cold again
AriiiiUP not my thermostat sadly jd hows you?
eriikaa Im good, thanks, how are you?
blackstarlight3 a girl is destracting me
AriiiiUP cold Erika... cold... my boiler wont be fixed till Monday.. I'm wrapped up here ffs lol
AriiiiUP oh aye black?
jdsocal Lol I'm well just enjoying the weekend
blackstarlight3 jason thank god
AriiiiUP jace oi oi fella
jdsocal Do you need a cuddle buddy Ari
prospect32 where big boob tanka
AriiiiUP I do jd I do... but they have to come armed with pie and mash and a resilience to over active cockney drooling
eriikaa Awww ari
prospect32 shes not the cuddle type...she still burns flying ant wings while watching columbo
AriiiiUP lol pro she'll be on later probably
eriikaa Jace*
jdsocal Lol I can handle that
AriiiiUP hahahaha pro ... inspector morse actually
AriiiiUP how ya doing jace? you alrighty mate?
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Just a quick hi
blackstarlight3 jace is like made for typos lol
eriikaa Lol i know
eriikaa Little käse
blackstarlight3 omg kase xD
AriiiiUP more like mace
CuPiD_StUnT jACE I hope you guys are well
eriikaa You home yet, jackkäse?
prospect32 wow Erica your actually quite beautiofull
AriiiiUP cold and hangry jace.. but otherwise fine as per
AriiiiUP brdyyyyy alohahaha
AriiiiUP Erika... watch pro... he's known as The Sausage....
eriikaa Oh oj jace
prospect32 I earn enough for women to get visas as im over the earning threshhold
Brdistheworld jace stop sexting erika
AriiiiUP hahah pro I saw that ffs its proper mean
eriikaa Ty prospect aka the sausage
AriiiiUP much as I think immigration needs curbing.. if ya got kids ffs ...
CuPiD_StUnT jACE Have fun guys
prospect32 where you from ericaa
eriikaa Sweden
AriiiiUP aww jace hopeya ok, see ya soon yeah?
prospect32 oh cool I workled for ikea for 2 years......its meant to be
eriikaa See you later jace
eriikaa ... its really not
eriikaa I hate ikea
prospect32 hahahah just joking
prospect32 well spanner in the works
Maestro Wael where is jess...she didnt came today..
AriiiiUP sounds about right with ikea shit furniture ffs
blackstarlight3 -hides behind ari-
blackstarlight3 i dont like felings
AriiiiUP good choice black lol I make a great windbreaker
prospect32 ari breaks wind great
AriiiiUP shes with her family mae, she'll be on later
Maestro Wael oohh ok thx arii,,
AriiiiUP you know it pro lol plenty of cabbage mate lol
prospect32 I love cabbage and boiled bacon
AriiiiUP you ok black?
AriiiiUP god pro me tooooooo fave dinner
prospect32 im back internet dating
Maestro Wael i like pizza..
AriiiiUP whats up black?
AriiiiUP have you alerted the MET pro? one of your conditions aint it?
prospect32 hahahaha
blackstarlight3 ari ur pms r broken lol
AriiiiUP hhh hang on I'm offline aint I?? 1 tick x
prospect32 no les its not to go around kids

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