Tonileigh's Room of Banter Tonileigh's Room of Banter

Jace_of_Spades its like one is almost not enough! be rude to talk to more than just one lol
Ariadnetta its ok - im an honorary man.
Undiesaurus Honorary? With balls as big as yours you're more manly than most doll
Ariadnetta innit undies sigh
Ariadnetta i might start shaving them to feel more feminine
Undiesaurus Do it. Smooth balls as the way forward lmao
Undiesaurus It just feels right
Ariadnetta they really aint just saying
Ariadnetta nothing feels as wrong as a prepubescent looking nut sack and that's from a lady perspective
Ariadnetta lol joy i know... i know
Ariadnetta ello barns fella wb
BarneyBoy83 Sorry keep going. Out and. Forgetting to come back. In
Undiesaurus Gotta keep things tidy
Ariadnetta just back mesef - family driving me bonkers
BarneyBoy83 How's the fam. Nic
Ariadnetta same as always barns
Undiesaurus You're already bonkers
BarneyBoy83 Okey dokey
Ariadnetta too right undies... too right lol
BarneyBoy83 You survive and love em all. The same
Ariadnetta aye barns - as ya do lol
Ariadnetta im gonna knock off have fun yous xx barns get well soon and check that landslip out for me
BarneyBoy83 So where's all the fun
BarneyBoy83 No serious convos
BarneyBoy83 Cheers nic
BarneyBoy83 Will. Have A. Look. For. You
Oceanfront How are you
Oceanfront Everyone are dead
laceygrassi Cab pm me
laceygrassi Let's rp

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