This Is The Hottest Room Ever!

brandon19853 Vero Beach Florida here
natman217 I shit you not you can get 3 barritos for 5 bucks
brandon19853 NAT r u a saints fan
Prince_of_the_Air you know food is really good when you go to sleep after eating it and dream about eating it again
natman217 I can taste the green onions now
natman217 Well dont hide all at once
natman217 What I thought
natman217 What lvl are you on gtgay?
Prince_of_the_Air gtgay? lmao wtf
X_queendelicious_X nat sit u butt stoill
Prince_of_the_Air you mean gta***
natman217 Lol me and my friends used to always call it that lol
Prince_of_the_Air on gta im level 587 xD
Prince_of_the_Air 3.44 kd as well.
Prince_of_the_Air im a fighter jet pilot.
natman217 I only got to lvl 70something on xbone
Prince_of_the_Air most ppl have trouble killing me unless if they consistently go off the radar.
natman217 im the type of person that'll pull out the big toys
Prince_of_the_Air im serious lol if you really do get a ps4 and buy gta then i'll add you as a friend and show you what i mean.
natman217 sounds good
Prince_of_the_Air lol nice, nice.
natman217 I plan on getting it, but I need to get my w2 first
Prince_of_the_Air alright i gtg for now. almost time to head home and get something to eat
natman217 well hurry uip
natman217 you too
X_queendelicious_X nat dont u dare leave this room or else
natman217 yes ma'am
X_queendelicious_X nat how ur weekend
natman217 so far so good
natman217 two of the teams I hate are out of the playoffs
natman217 well wtf

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