The Reservation Land

daydreamer1 great idea we can send mint in as the private i
daydreamer1 lmao wick you go too , a team
daydreamer1 i will watch the caeras
Laced_Mint smack em with chicken paws if they are doing something nasty
daydreamer1 scratch them
wicked woman lol i get nervous when i see the paws
Laced_Mint we will be wearing gloves of course
daydreamer1 chicken scratch there faces
daydreamer1 you gte scratched with the paw your closed out of business
wicked woman xeno can go and wear the chicken suit
daydreamer1 hiya scratch closed
Laced_Mint "youy business is closed..goodbye!"
xenommorph "alla youse chicken chumps git gone"
RavenSKY Ok going to stumble around and take my dog for his night per run. Laters
xenommorph and I was sayin' waaayyyy ooooohhhh wayyyy ohhhhh wayyyyyyy ooooooohhhh walk like an E-chickennnnnnn
wicked woman whats everyone doing
xenommorph staring at the screen
wicked woman me too was hypnotized
wicked woman well guess i better go i work tomorrow
wicked woman u all have a good night
daydreamer1 im sorry i had to grab coffee
daydreamer1 hi saint
daydreamer1 nothing much how are you
InsaneSaint was packing stuff for travle
InsaneSaint travel *
daydreamer1 o nice where u off to
InsaneSaint travelling to UAE
InsaneSaint for christmas and new year
daydreamer1 oh nice have a great vaca
daydreamer1 thats great
InsaneSaint Thanks dd
daydreamer1 snickkkkkkkkkk i didnt see u there
daydreamer1 i heard your the cookie monster
daydreamer1 cant wait to go out today
xenommorph where you going?
daydreamer1 sorry i was outside
daydreamer1 just to a small store for boxes gift boxes and stamps a sweater or something
daydreamer1 extras for the holiday
daydreamer1 yeah lol need a few toppers
daydreamer1 mom needs something extra i didnt get her alot
daydreamer1 and i have to get a box for a dress i got for my sister
daydreamer1 and a bottle of wine for older sister, just random stuff
daydreamer1 i should probably mail a parcel to my aunts
xenommorph shopping was easier this year
daydreamer1 i dont want to but may have 2
daydreamer1 yeah was for me 2
daydreamer1 i wish i could have gotten more for people earlier but did what i could with what i had for the time
daydreamer1 i gotta bake cookies for an aunt and mail a parcel to cousin, but there same house
daydreamer1 was expecting to see them but i doubt we will before the holidays
xenommorph probably not do much for christmas this year
daydreamer1 i hear ya
daydreamer1 you seeing sister
daydreamer1 the kids still awake she has my computer
daydreamer1 ok i streamed a cartoon for her
xenommorph falling asleep
daydreamer1 go to sleep xeno its late
daydreamer1 grab some shut eye
daydreamer1 i will ttyt ok im gonna hop out xx
daydreamer1 morningy

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