The Great Commandment

G e n e s i s Ya i seen these guys before, Jeannie shared a video on them
G e n e s i s They are creative
kyewayne Hi val
I_am_7th_archangel Love
G e n e s i s It's a sin to cross dress haha
G e n e s i s But in the case of of Biblical reactment maybe exception
ArtistOfWords Whats my fault?
cmap81 it's all your fault dan
ArtistOfWords Was on phone then dealing with an issue
G e n e s i s The storms that befall the world?
G e n e s i s The open milk jug in the fridge
G e n e s i s Crumbs on the counter
G e n e s i s This video is pretty awkward
Lady Valkyrie love the profile pic dan
ArtistOfWords Thanks. ..taken last night
Lady Valkyrie dane jr is growing fast
kyewayne he is and super cute
Lady Valkyrie he's must be almost a year now, isnt he?
ArtistOfWords Nov 19 is 1 year
elsa01abreu hi servant
I_am_7th_archangel hi, GS...Hi, Val...
G e n e s i s hi GS, Jesus loves you
ArtistOfWords Hi servant
Godsservant and He loves you too
kyewayne bbl..need to lay down
kyewayne i cant sit long after the accident.
G e n e s i s "Oh okay, take care sister Kye
G e n e s i s God bless you
G e n e s i s I should go to, be back later, God bless all
elsa01abreu God bless Gen
ArtistOfWords I was watching some lee strobel clips earlier
elsa01abreu hi cheerios
elsa01abreu why is it that some, no matter how hard you try and you pray they just won't change. They just refuse to see the truth
Cheerios85 I feel the same. I’ve recently been hurt by someone very close bc they refuse to change bad behavior.
ArtistOfWords Well elsa we plant a seed but only God makea it grow and often that is without our involvement
elsa01abreu I know dan, but I also know Gods wants them to change and they just don't want to
ArtistOfWords All in His time elsa...its tough for us to deal with though and it is frustrating I know
elsa01abreu I pray they change,
ArtistOfWords All we can do
ArtistOfWords Will be away for a bit
elsa01abreu bye laday
elsa01abreu angel im going to say good night and God bless

Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.

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