FineArt2C but it's mostly during stormy weather.
FineArt2C Jeny, yes. Don't remember this happening up north.
FineArt2C The last few times a transformer blew. I heard it, so it must have been close by. We were without power for 4-5 hours
PrincesJeny That must be a florida thing
FineArt2C yes. Same here. we get a drop of rain and lose power.
Runny the Egg Well here locally we had a stupid mini 5 minute rain shower and that pretty much wiped us out
FineArt2C speaking of storms...we are about to have one
Runny the Egg Actually next month ā˜ļø
FineArt2C yes, he is good until next Sunday. lol
PrincesJeny šŸ¤¢
Runny the Egg I already showered on Sunday
PrincesJeny And he wont shower
FineArt2C oh, no! why? storms?
FineArt2C egg hello!
Runny the Egg I am on my phone, I have no electricity, will most likely not have a electricity for another two to three hours
FineArt2C Shantiii hii
FineArt2C ahh. great.
FineArt2C Jeny! ltns. I am well. How are you doing??
PrincesJeny Hi art, how are you
PrincesJeny No thanx
Runny the Egg Group hug? šŸ˜™
PrincesJeny šŸ¤¢
PrincesJeny Ummmmm this week................
Runny the Egg Nah, I already showered this week
Runny the Egg Nice breeze outside
PrincesJeny Hmmm, take a cold shower
Runny the Egg Got a wet small towel behind my back trying to keep me cool
PrincesJeny Careful the gophers might like to eat eggs
PrincesJeny Poor gofers
Runny the Egg There you go
Chase418 5 points per gopher
Runny the Egg Hope she crashes into a small family of angry gophers
PrincesJeny Have a safe drive
Titianflames I shall see you all on the other side
Titianflames Right I'm heading home!
Chase418 Not the toys I was referring to
PrincesJeny That explains the buzzing
Titianflames I have 2 drones!
Chase418 Charging her toys
PrincesJeny What are you using power for in the trees?
Titianflames *sinister laugh*
Titianflames I have all the power!
Chase418 No power sucks
PrincesJeny Thats what happenes when you choose to live in fl, move to idaho and you wouldnt be hot
Runny the Egg Still no electricity House is hot as hell I am not happy
Runny the Egg Okay maybe not
PrincesJeny Thats good
Chase418 It's been a tough week but I'm alright
Runny the Egg I guess I'm still here
PrincesJeny Hiw are you chase?
Chase418 Ok bye
Chase418 Hey ladies
Nenna B Hey chase
PrincesJeny Hi chase
Nenna B Iā€™m good
PrincesJeny Hi nenna, how are you
Nenna B Hey jeny
Trauma Llama So let's get flirting
Trauma Llama Yet is the key word
Trauma Llama Not here yet

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