inked_sin Then fine no food for you
darkestofhours Cody it's not gay if it's over the phone.
darkestofhours I suck maaaad peepers over the phone.
Cody1726 That still gay
aussieguy45 Dont knock it till u tried it lol
BlinkBoom i 4 sammiches
BlinkBoom im still hungry
BlinkBoom i dont like this at all
Dirtybird52 go get some samosas
Chris162 Then it will be more steak for me
darkestofhours So....I'm...I'm gay, Cody?
James_don90 Cody it's only gay if our balls touch
Cody1726 What ever u say
James_don90 C'mon big boy
darkestofhours Sweet. Cody is IN.
KittieKat What's boo done to you , Esa?❤️
darkestofhours Cody. Let me start.
JulietCW How are you, James?
aussieguy45 No crossing swords
darkestofhours I'm just going to moan in your ear a little while here...
James_don90 We can tag team
KittieKat Codys being a &#^~
Chris162 Dammit what happen with ppl today speaking of balls An nuts
James_don90 I'm good Juliet and u
darkestofhours get that olive oil out and pour it on that peeper because I know you're out of lubricant.
James_don90 No lube I'm dry docking it
inked_sin Olive oil is good for your skin
darkestofhours Oh. I know Feels reallll good.
Esa_Ladronasa Dark and james enough
JulietCW I'm good as well, James. Thank You.
James_don90 Cody Cody Cody
James_don90 Nice howsife
darkestofhours Enough what?
Esa_Ladronasa Enough i said
James_don90 How's life treating you Juliet
inked_sin I'm dying
darkestofhours Let's do some arm training here.
James_don90 Cody sweet chunks where did u go
darkestofhours Ever heard of dumbells? Well. Were going to use our peeperbells.
KittieKat What's happening?
KittieKat I'm so lost
James_don90 It's tummy sticks time
darkestofhours Lift...extend. Lift...extend. Lift...extend.
Esa_Ladronasa Dark makes this room a place i dont want to be in
aussieguy45 I think cody is punishing the peeper
JulietCW Life is treating me great, James.
darkestofhours Thank you, Esa. I appreciate you recognising my talents.
inked_sin Dark makes this a place I love to be in
James_don90 Me 2 Juliet
OliverThePanda Anyone wanna chill?
KittieKat Dark, why are you making Esa uncomfortable?
James_don90 Kings won again last night
darkestofhours Nobody else is uncomfortable.

She's the perfect kind of trouble: a good girl with an imperfect halo, who knows exactly when to be bad. Come in and get acquainted. ⭐️ Because everyone gets their halo a little bit dirty sometimes ⭐️

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