The Addams Family Household

graycat hru 2 taday 1
graycat today*
graycat grr gotta go some here tc 1
daydreamer1 I'm good btw sory xx
daydreamer1 wb scarlette
Elz1412 Hello to everyone
daydreamer1 hi seven
daydreamer1 hi seola
Seola Hi day
daydreamer1 how are u
Seola Sexy eyebrow ?
Seola You sexy dd
daydreamer1 I'm gona go lay down I'm tied
Seola Tied
Seola dang who tied her out
graycat grr wifi hrere
billy_gd hi there
billy_gd how are you?
billy_gd pretty good thanks
JOK3RRS_Vampyress removed patriciaatkins99 from the room
JOK3RRS_Vampyress removed Wob glass from the room
JOK3RRS_Vampyress dumb asses got ya both
daydreamer1 ok I'm back took a small nap
daydreamer1 hotty hothot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
daydreamer1 all sorted with the jewlery
JOK3RRS_Vampyress dd dd dd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
daydreamer1 aheheeheh
JOK3RRS_Vampyress awesome sauce
daydreamer1 how was your day
JOK3RRS_Vampyress good i got my meds and talked to my baby today
daydreamer1 oh nice for you full day
daydreamer1 I tooka nap for like an hr and will be awake till a decent hr I hope

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