The Addams Family Household

Meleon hb liar
LiarLiar /excite
King Apathy oh hey guys hows it goin
Meleon King - kinda slow
King Apathy can tell, how are you meleon?
Meleon King - not a complain in the world - Meleon is just fine
King Apathy goodto hear
Meleon bb - need to go check on MBH
alraymoore Hi Star
King Apathy xcom 2 just ate mealive
seanlewelling Lol black ops 2 is way better
Blueeyeddevil1987 Hello valley
alraymoore Hello Blue
Blueeyeddevil1987 Hellonray how are ya
Blueeyeddevil1987 lol I mean hello ray
Blueeyeddevil1987 So quiet in here
alraymoore Rooms get that way at times
Blueeyeddevil1987 how has you day been ray
seanlewelling Im back had to check a game
alraymoore My day so far's going good,I'm sitting here eating eggs
seanlewelling I might go somewhere to eat but not sure were
alraymoore I hope u enjoy where you eat at,Sean
seanlewelling Me too but so many choices
alraymoore I made my special rice dish an hour or so ago,but if you don't like mackrel,you won't like it
Kamika9 Welcome
alraymoore Can eat that all day
alraymoore wb,Meleon
seanlewelling Sb meleon
Kamika9 *hugs the room
Meleon meleon<-- lime chicken wings
Kamika9 Im eating wild rice soup
alraymoore Thanks,back at you
alraymoore Thanks for hug,back at you
alraymoore Welcome
alraymoore Welcome
Purplewildflower Hi everyone
alraymoore Hello Purple
Meleon hiya purple
Purplewildflower How is everyone
alraymoore Eating now,so I feel good
alraymoore How are you
alraymoore How are you
alraymoore Hi Scarlette
Kamika9 I feel love
Purplewildflower Good thanks
Purplewildflower deciding what to have for lunch
Meleon hiya Scarlette
alraymoore Make it a good one
Purplewildflower Quiet in here
Meleon Everyone is in mourning over the Dallas loss
Meleon Meleon<--- Jaguar fan - I was hoping to meet Dallas in the Super Bowl - then season started
Purplewildflower Hi scarlette

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