The Addams Family Household

daydreamer1 how are you
blisa5043 Hugs day am happy spent time talking to binxxy
daydreamer1 oh good for you
daydreamer1 im in a better mood now 2 because its friday
daydreamer1 no work day!
daydreamer1 how is binxxy
blisa5043 He's good starts work at 2 pm
daydreamer1 oh ok good
daydreamer1 we have morning rain
daydreamer1 afternoon should clear up
daydreamer1 what did u do today , you go out for coffee this morning ?
blisa5043 I went for my coffee
daydreamer1 i may go out today i hope to , but we will see
daydreamer1 going to buy flowers maybe and some paint
blisa5043 Nice am off
daydreamer1 bat cat cat bat meow
daydreamer1 morning sunshine
BatCat did some turn on the batcat's Picture
daydreamer1 idk did they
daydreamer1 i thought it was funny
BatCat morning hru?
daydreamer1 good thank you and yourself
BatCat stil awke from yesterday
daydreamer1 damn long night, you will sleep well today i bet
BatCat hoping
daydreamer1 yeah u will i bet
daydreamer1 i was up at 2 am yesterday needed sleep by 3 pm
BatCat naps suck after awhile... be nice to sleep for then 2hrs at a time
daydreamer1 took a cat nap
BatCat *more
daydreamer1 yeah they do after daily but yeah there cool when needed
daydreamer1 did u have a good chat night ?
BatCat yes other room i mod was very busy
daydreamer1 yeah i see it is
daydreamer1 thats the emo health room right
BatCat lol emo
BatCat no mental health support group
daydreamer1 well if it is your probably a great mod there because you have positive energy
daydreamer1 same thing lol
BatCat although... we do get a few emos's
daydreamer1 i never go in there
daydreamer1 i have once and thought , too many people were complaining
daydreamer1 its all good, some need it some dont
daydreamer1 its really foggy outside
daydreamer1 cool like vampirish
daydreamer1 ooooooooooo ghosty like
BatCat all sorts of people... from kids complaing about things to people with adictions... bipolar... pstd... and our fair share of trolls
daydreamer1 yeah trolls i can picture wreaking havoc
BatCat they try... but they don't last long in there
daydreamer1 i have to figure out day wears and stuff soon , not yet just soon
daydreamer1 thats good
BatCat day wears? oh... clothes for the day... gottcha
daydreamer1 i may have to do laundry , well gotta anyways but have to soon
daydreamer1 brb ok 1 tiky boom
BatCat lol... kk
daydreamer1 i should be functioning soon
daydreamer1 i have energy to function, but its only 5 43
BatCat same time here... but lack of energy... lol
daydreamer1 i dont blame ya
BatCat sleepy time soon i think... getting there anyway... lol
daydreamer1 thats good , im glad
daydreamer1 im sorry , i dont have too much to say this morning
daydreamer1 been up since 4 am around there
BatCat no worries... neither do i to sleepy now
daydreamer1 ok , let me go do my start the day thing, and you grab a nap
daydreamer1 i will ttyl ok batty cat cat bat
BatCat sounds good

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