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EmGee2015 tom907450 - Do you know anything about Chromecast?
creeperboyy Sorry phone call
creeperboyy Sees cargo plane fly over head
Serene Melody Pitch *shivers, pulls a blanket over my head*
creeperboyy Grapplings on to it
creeperboyy Bust through the pilot window
creeperboyy Throws pilot out
creeperboyy Drives plane
creeperboyy Lands it by rin
creeperboyy Gets out
Serene Melody Pitch *scythe appears and drAgs the blanket away* 'you're supposed to be helping me, not taking my blanket...!' *shivers, follows the scythe*
creeperboyy Falls back stiff as a bord
Serene Melody Pitch *the scythe gets caught on my hoodie, it drags me away* '....'
creeperboyy Gets up and runs tword her and the scythe
creeperboyy Grabs her legs
creeperboyy Losses balance and falls getting dragged too
Serene Melody Pitch *the scythe drags both of us* ' know this scythe is stronger than either of'
creeperboyy No I am a little weak right now
creeperboyy Closes my eyes
Serene Melody Pitch *the scythe disappears*
creeperboyy Face hits ground
Serene Melody Pitch *the scythe reappears in human form*
creeperboyy Holy shhhhhhhhiiiii hides behind a tree
Serene Melody Pitch *it drags the blanket away after flicking my forehead* 'hey!'
creeperboyy Cookie appears
Serene Melody Pitch 'No wonder father gave him to me...'
creeperboyy cookie climbs on my shoulder
creeperboyy He lays down on my shoulder
Serene Melody Pitch *runs after the scythe* 'baka!'
creeperboyy xdxdxdxd
Serene Melody Pitch *it hits me* 'ow!' *he drags me away* 'am I easy to be picked up and dragged??'
creeperboyy No not really
creeperboyy U are kinda heavy
creeperboyy But to me it's easy I have to say
creeperboyy Plus I'm stronger then any thing in the world
Serene Melody Pitch '....' *the scythe hits me again* 'I didn't do anything this time...!' *it smirks*
creeperboyy Bich slaps him
creeperboyy learn some $^#@ing kindness
Serene Melody Pitch *it shrugs, walking away*
creeperboyy T_T pulls out pistol
creeperboyy Duck.....
Serene Melody Pitch *it disappears*
creeperboyy I almost said goose
Serene Melody Pitch 'Okay!' *it reappears, dragging me away*
Serene Melody Pitch (Kyo: idiot...) (Rose: says the one who wore a dress-) (Kyo: SHUT UP!)

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