dwk9cop you get paid to beat your chest!
dwk9cop shadow you're a good egg...you don't beg for attention, not fake, and you hang an awesome curtain rod!
Scorpion_girl plz plz plz plz plz plz dw i'm begging u like me plz plz plz
Celtic_Millie lol scorpion
Demonics_shadow Lol the first time we met, I was fighting with a curtain rod.... but I won
dwk9cop lol SG...can you hang a curtain rod?
His_princess_17 The only person I beg is daddy
dwk9cop Hiya Baby
Scorpion_girl i rather beat someone with it then hang it
BabyAngel2 Afternoon cop
SUNSET 5 Hi baby
formerlybam an aussies in here?
dwk9cop ok, I like ya SG
BabyAngel2 Aussie girl
BabyAngel2 Hiya sunset
Celtic_Millie dw likes me somedays. I am at least on the list, LOL
Demonics_wolfie I think im on the list lol
Scorpion_girl i don't mind bottom
dwk9cop that's because you keep Sam in line
dwk9cop bratty
dwk9cop lol SG
Scorpion_girl brattyyyyyyyyyy
Demonics_shadow Lol me too!! Last time I checked I was in the 20s, but I may have fallen
SUNSET 5 I better be on it
His_princess_17 Does anyone really keep Sam in line though
SUNSET 5 Hi bratty
dwk9cop it sounds good princess...we just go with that
dwk9cop lol shadow
Celtic_Millie I was at 14, but he won't give me my current number just keeps saying top 20
brattylittlething Helloo sunset
SuperChickenSam I dont think its possible
dwk9cop always SUNSET, told ya, damn U2 lol
Demonics_wolfie I don't even want to knkw my number its probably in the 50s
Demonics_shadow I think he lost the list
formerlybam you kinda do look bratty lol
brattylittlething Myyyy chicken!
dwk9cop I think the dog ate it...so I just make it up now as I go along
Demonics_shadow Lol probably my dog because she's mad at me
dwk9cop well played shadow....take advantage and move up
formerlybam whats the 72 for? not birthyear??
rod83 Hi love72
unforgetablelove72 Lol 72 is 27 backwards 27 is the day of my birth
Demonics_wolfie My dog only eats things that are hammered.down...he likes a challenge -gentures to her doorframe-
formerlybam ah i knew it haha
unforgetablelove72 72 is also my lucky number
His_princess_17 Eats popcorn in the corner*
Scorpion_girl joins aspen
rod83 How are you
Demonics_shadow *gets to the list and makes myself runner up*
His_princess_17 We needs a fort
formerlybam well bam is mab backwards... mab being short for Maybe A Banana.... is what ill have for breakfast tomorrow lol
SuperChickenSam And snowcaps to go with the popcorn

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