neski !!!!
deathbaimuffin Aaaand hes back......
YoSoyJewbacca Hello ozma
YoSoyJewbacca Hello mella
YoSoyJewbacca hello muffin
climbskikayak Hi room, m from Colorado here
neski ozma wb lol
MellaMelly Hello YoSoy
YoSoyJewbacca im hard to get rid of
MellaMelly Lol like fleas?
deathbaimuffin That wasn’t aimed at you soy
YoSoyJewbacca like fleas. But in a non negative way
deathbaimuffin i like you
Penumbral Ozma, good day.
adler67543 hi nipples
neski ozma is guilty!
neski of expressing an opinion! guards: seize her!
adler67543 Everyone has a tale and some have a tail to share'
neski this is a song i dedicate to all : Klaus Nomi - The Cold Song
neski (waves my tail )
adler67543 cute visual
neski hehe
MellaMelly omg I was away at work
neski they drive you insane
MellaMelly I have litterally like 40 msgs from some guy telling me how wrong I was hanging in a "fake" room
neski and then..... you will be one of my angels...
neski wb mella!!!
MellaMelly ty... come back to my computer to hate messages
MellaMelly some people smh
neski mella, show me your tities and also tell me what you are wearing..
neski hehe
deathbaimuffin Mella you so beautiful people loosing their minds coz they can’t handle it
neski the same goes for you george!
MellaMelly lol *sigh*
georgeOTJ I can't neski, no PC <s>
neski you cant handle the truth!
neski george! such infamy...
malfesh60 im a littel tea pot
malfesh60 hi muffin
deathbaimuffin How you doing
georgeOTJ ummm....Khakis?
malfesh60 pretty good now that i got over the shock
Ozma Khakis?
deathbaimuffin good to hear
georgeOTJ It's Jake.....from State Farm
neski hello not
neski next xmass.. i will celebrate with my mum
malfesh60 i just figured out your a girl lol no offence
deathbaimuffin Lmao! None taken
neski mal.. she aint a girl!!!
neski she is a xenomorph
malfesh60 but i still think you got exelent taste in tv
deathbaimuffin Aha cheers
malfesh60 hi krypt
deathbaimuffin itd Be awesome to be a xenomorph

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