Senior Singles 2nior

EllyBean57 lol true that
Bigcat3 Bed is too lonely
EllyBean57 i think everyone went to bed
EllyBean57 im good thanks
Bigcat3 Good here, how are you?
Bigcat3 Hi Miss Elly
EllyBean57 long time no see how are you
Bigcat3 Good evening ladies
EllyBean57 hey big
Paul CT Caly…. You here?
CRUED4KICKS night Richard
CRUED4KICKS good night room
catfish65 richaard hi huggg and kisss how are you
catfish65 hell-o everyne in chat room
Wild60 Hey Rich
witchyel31 well got quiet so leaving richard take care
witchyel31 oops to slow
witchyel31 sun evening
witchyel31 richard awww thanks
Richard Fitzwell was before you got here
witchyel31 richard awww ok sorry didnt notice
Richard Fitzwell but he said before he was going to try to
Richard Fitzwell fn left awhile ago
witchyel31 caly night night taking to u
calypso1949 tc later
calypso1949 lol reminds me I was going to make shepards pie tonite but will do it tomorrow
witchyel31 fnkey you going to that room gathering this year
witchyel31 short visit haha
calypso1949 one is better than none
calypso1949 me to I am sstill new and excited about it all I thought I would be in a nursing home before I had any lol
Paul CT I have 4 but only 1 is close by
witchyel31 like to talk to people that have grands that enjoy having them around
calypso1949 I know I go into some rooms and no one talks like for a long time
witchyel31 never know maybe he has a wife that walked in haha
witchyel31 well hey no one else was talking

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