KatiesMom Did they think it will heal well or will there be permanent damage?
wahee5701 God does wonders
KatiesMom Hi Mocha
mocha_breeze07 Hello everyone
wahee5701 hiya mocha
hockey363957 Hi hugs moca
jlovedogs well I hope he isn't in too much pain and will make a full recovery
Onelove0420 bought a White Russian for wahee5701
wahee5701 aw shucks ty
widow76201 he is s till knocked out jl
wahee5701 thanks hockey
Driller01 I ben sober 2 days in a row now
widow76201 im waiting for my nieced to tell me how the dr said it went
Loreetx good for you Driller
mocha_breeze07 Hi km,loree,hockey, wahee,jl,ann,roxie,,,hugss to all
widow76201 if he told her yet
wahee5701 ur a doll love
hockey363957 Nice driller
jlovedogs they will probably give him morphine with a button
KatiesMom Wow Driller. Pretty soon you gonna have a record!
jlovedogs good driller maybe now you won't catch strippers and get a fish instead
widow76201 i did get the full story of what happened
Loreetx lolol
Onelove0420 I wad wondering about ur progress..im just a day ahead of you
jlovedogs what was the full shtory
Driller01 Headed back to south tx tommorrow, got lots of work starting friday
jlovedogs hi jill
KatiesMom HI jill
Loreetx Hi jill
wahee5701 hiya jill
hockey363957 Nice to hear driller ☺
widow76201 well hr was m,oing the klawn at rh golf course on one of the big mopwers and he was on a hioll and igt shifted juist enough for it to roll over
KatiesMom I have a full day tomorrow and a long one on Friday.
AnnC9188 um,,,hi in here Jill
widow76201 it rolled over three times
widow76201 big ouch puck
jlovedogs oh wow widow hugs
hockey363957 I know widow.
wahee5701 hiya love
colemant57 just buried my friends mom sunday her hubby today
wahee5701 told you .........the beauties just keep coming in
widow76201 he works with my brotherr as a gropundskeeper at one of the country clubs here in townm anmd he was johnmnmy on the spot when it happend
hockey363957 Wow thats sad
widow76201 so 911 was called pdq
Onelove0420 Its suppose to be 90s all week here driller
Driller01 Thish room ish full of georgous women
mocha_breeze07 Um odd,lol
jlovedogs sorry to hear coleman but she is at peace now
AnnC9188 am i the only one that Jill pm'ed when she came in the room??? lmao
Driller01 Wanna go skinny dippin?
jlovedogs apparently
AnnC9188 lmao,,,,my luck
wahee5701 hiya cath
KatiesMom Hi Cathar
jlovedogs but I looked at her profile all her friends are women
jlovedogs hi cath
wahee5701 I never get pm'd...........just PMS
AnnC9188 oh glad i wasn't alone mocha lol
jlovedogs you are just tooo hot ann I guess
Driller01 Me neither wahee
jlovedogs mocha too
widow76201 mine were closed
jlovedogs so are mine
mocha_breeze07 Yes me too
hockey363957 No worries here wahee lol
jlovedogs just too hot mocha
Loreetx brb break
AnnC9188 yea guess mine will be too again lol
mocha_breeze07 I definitely easnt interested, lol
jlovedogs we are all hot
jlovedogs hb loree
KatiesMom << cold
wahee5701 (PMS) = Postal Mean Streak
Driller01 Nor me I'm freezing just came in off the river

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