michele005 :we;lcome: Jade
ricky murphy hi michele
redneckrebel2oo9 I didn't do it
jadedjypsy ty michele
jloves_ no wasn't you rebel
Kels52 hiya Obb....naw they put me on permanent ignore..I gave up..lol
michele005 ricky hello
serdelb me neither
michele005 Obb hello
OldBroadWithBike we piss. guess we gonna have to place an ad
OldBroadWithBike michele hugs
jadedjypsy hey obb
OldBroadWithBike well even lol
OldBroadWithBike hi jypsy!!!!!
Kels52 lol..sounds good to me
jadedjypsy no, it's happywave reb
OldBroadWithBike so what shall i put in it??? remeber they charge per word
devlinkathy43 Hi everyone, I'm new here, I'm pinksky3.
Kels52 We could get George...he could hold both of us and we could swing on the ropes..one on each side..LOL
jloves_ welcome to the room
redneckrebel2oo9 my eyes my eyes
serdelb hello devlin
OldBroadWithBike that isnt a bad idea
michele005 what eyes lol
OldBroadWithBike i have some good rope i used to drag that deadma... um deer fromt he woods
jloves_ hi smudge
AnnC9188 hi smudge
Kels52 lol...I see he is not responding
Luvin_Country I am so tired
serdelb hello smudge
serdelb go to sleep lc
OldBroadWithBike yeah, he might not work.. to timid
OldBroadWithBike we need a guy that aint scared
Kels52 He may have ran into another tree and is knocked out cold..lol
smudge01 I am not scarde
OldBroadWithBike lmao... that is very possible. he dropped his glasses
Kels52 hmmm he be skeered huh? ok, well onto contestant number 2..lol
OldBroadWithBike okay... let me seeeeee
OldBroadWithBike texas is tooo short,.....
OldBroadWithBike redneck, cant sit still (we could fix that)
Kels52 whuuttt? I thought Tex was a tall drink of water..hmm
OldBroadWithBike well i dont know. he types like he is short
redneckrebel2oo9 running out back door
Kels52 LOL rut toh
Luvin_Country ss for ladys
Kels52 snatches reb...get back here..lol
OldBroadWithBike tackles redneck... whorahhh
jloves_ wb reg
OldBroadWithBike quick get the staple gun and pliers
serdelb ty lc
TexasRoadhouse wot? i see my name coming up rather often
Kels52 lol we could hog tie him..lol
serdelb hello regray
jloves_ ty luvin
OldBroadWithBike <<<innocent
Kels52 <<<angelic
regray30 Thanks.
serdelb uh huh obbbb
OldBroadWithBike okay,,, i will get the gag.. i hate to him them scream
redneckrebel2oo9 hugs rubs butt both hands
OldBroadWithBike see serd agrees
Kels52 trying to perfect the jungle call...LOL
jloves_ ty reb hugs
serdelb noooooooooooo
redneckrebel2oo9 damn she coaght me
OldBroadWithBike is that what that sound is???
serdelb that was for the innocent comment
TexasRoadhouse now this is disconcerting
Kels52 Dry throat...lol
OldBroadWithBike i thought you were agreeing with your buddy oldbroad
OldBroadWithBike here drink this..
serdelb ty obbbbbb

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