summerflowers >>> smokin, a blower? lol
summerflowers Alec Guiness?
smokin62d >>>>> summer a observer
Loreetx an old movie
summerflowers I am JAFO, smokin
antonypaullthurman wasn't that after star wars or before
summerflowers lol many years before
smokin62d jafo =?
smokin62d <---- clueless
summerflowers Jafo= Just Another ~!$#ing Observer
jlovedogs hi respect
smokin62d Ahhhh but observing me hehehe
summerflowers dont be scared smokin, sorry for that F-word
jlovedogs hello sussy hru?
summerflowers do you want me too?
sussyaa Hello Jlove, doing well ty and you?
summerflowers hugs suss
jlovedogs I'm good ty
Loreetx 1957 its olddd
sussyaa Hello summer how r you?
smokin62d <---- ole guy can handle it summer
James62TX hi sussyaa
summerflowers I am ok, how are you suss?
sussyaa Hello James
Loreetx Hi suss hugs
sussyaa Hello LOree how r you?
summerflowers can handle what, smokin?
Loreetx jl..took my other lap ton in this morning...screen is cracked
smokin62d the F-word summer
sussyaa that's not good Loree
Loreetx nope..needless to say I'm not happy
antonypaullthurman wish it was next week
summerflowers just lurking
Loreetx Hi ny
sussyaa I can imagine Loree
summerflowers sitting in my corner doing some ing
sussyaa lol summer
Loreetx Hi Itsme...ltnc
summerflowers just another l?o?
smokin62d <---- watches summer
Itsmedammit hello loreetx
smokin62d lurking observer
Loreetx how r you itsme?
summerflowers aha :bubl:
Itsmedammit good and how are you
Loreetx good ty
Itsmedammit its been awhile
Itsmedammit hi summerflowers
summerflowers justanotherlurkingobserver
Loreetx yes it has...
Itsmedammit one of us has been busy or hiding maybe
summerflowers youhavebeengonedammit
Loreetx I'm in and out here
Itsmedammit yes i been busy i guess
Loreetx younstill work?
summerflowers iambusydammit
Itsmedammit yes and my scheduel changed so i dont get online much
Loreetx sry about that
Itsmedammit look i need as new keyborad this on cant spell correctly
smokin62d Hi lorein
Loreetx Hi Lorein
summerflowers hi Lorein
Loreetx Hi RD hugs ..gtcy
smokin62d LOL dammit
RDGuy hello Loree
LOREIN46 helloooo

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