tricia2 Grrrr no
nikes12 ya like to run
yukon2291 hello hockey
hockey363957 Hello all
tricia2 It's cold today just gonna go watch the water
tricia2 I like the beach but I like to be active
nikes12 Oregon coast is nice
tricia2 Hi hockey and hugs
hockey363957 Hugs tricia
nikes12 it's cold here 18F
tricia2 Hru today hockey
tricia2 Nikes brrrrrrr that's cold
nikes12 good day for a bbq
nikes12 or a picnic
hockey363957 Talking ice storms here tomorrow yuk lol
yukon2291 warm here in the 50s
yukon2291 hello clare
tricia2 Hi clare
clarechilds79 Hi everyone
jlovedogs hi hockey hugs
jlovedogs hi clare
tricia2 Hi juice
jlovedogs hi juice
hockey363957 Hi and hugs jlo
clarechilds79 How you Yukon
tricia2 How s jl today
jlovedogs I'm good
jlovedogs how are you
yukon2291 good thanks clare hows you
blackjuice4461 How u doingtrica2
tricia2 Sorry juice don't add people I don't know
yukon2291 hello sunday
tricia2 I'm good ty
yukon2291 good clare
Girlsunday hi hockey
clarechilds79 I went jogging today
Girlsunday hi jukon
jlovedogs hi girl
Girlsunday hi clare how are you
tricia2 Clare I'm going in abit
tricia2 Hi girl
blackjuice4461 U don't to private chat trica2
yukon2291 hope you enjoyed clare
clarechilds79 Hi girl Good th for asking
tricia2 Not till I know you sorry
blackjuice4461 How can I know u
tricia2 Talk in the room
jlovedogs most of the ladies in here get to know someone in main before even thinking of pms
jlovedogs wb nikes
blackjuice4461 Ok but I'm very private
nikes12 friends first j
jlovedogs that's it
blackjuice4461 I'm down in Louisiana
tricia2 Ty jl
nikes12 how's cali trica
jlovedogs we all become friends first in here
tricia2 It's good nikes
tricia2 No rain for a few days
nikes12 no snow here just cold
nikes12 still snow on the ground
tricia2 And really cold lol 17 is cold
tricia2 It's about 60 here now
hockey363957 No snow here room for more lol
nikes12 I be waring shorts 60s
jlovedogs 74 here
nikes12 50s even
jlovedogs hi peterw
hockey363957 27 degs here sunny

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