Diane p Great song doll
Jamaicanmango72 JL You guys get a lot of Canadian retirees too
jloves_ we sure do
jloves_ and a whole bunch of Canadian snowbirds
rbarry doll do good for a girl
Diane p I wanna b a snowbird
Jamaicanmango72 JL Yes I hear the French Snowbirds go down there with a ton of demands to have everything in French
jloves_ oh yes
Diane p When I win the lottery lol
Paperdoll barry, quick pm please?
rbarry i have to add ya
jloves_ I used to work in a motel in NJ, and hated when the French Canadians were coming through on their way to FL
Paperdoll nevermind, not that important
jloves_ we were a cheap place, nice, clean but no frills, we did have coffee in the office, in the morning
rbarry u can delete me after
jloves_ and they would come in demanding breakfast and for us to speak french
Jamaicanmango72 JL that's just ignorant
jloves_ I told them to go across the street and pay twice as much
Diane p Another good song doll saw ZZ top in concert
jloves_ I could speak enough high school French to get by but not speak it well
Jamaicanmango72 JL Lol they wouldn't understand you anyways. I learned French for 8 years in school
jloves_ I have a hard time with rolling my r's which you need to do in French and spanish
Jamaicanmango72 lol JL yeah
jloves_ I do know er is pronounce a
rbarry only frnch i speak i get in trouble
jloves_ hi mahoo
jloves_ I can ask how to get to the library in French very well lol
Diane p Lol love
Jamaicanmango72 JL I barely remember all the French rules... when I was in school I was in the hospital much of the time so my education until my first yr of high school was spotty
MahoosiveMe Hello j_loves
jloves_ that and ask if you can speak French only 2 phrases I remember
HPowell Bbl tc
Diane p I don't remember much french took it all if he's
jloves_ but can say no in several languages
Paperdoll voulez-vous coucher avec moi, se soir?
Diane p To powell
Jamaicanmango72 oh my goodness Paper!! don't say that too loud
charles93312 foiu eroi goip uis
rbarry vesamacoola is the only spanish word i know to
jloves_ that's a phrase
jloves_ and I know what it means lol
rbarry @~#$ it mean jlo
Paperdoll pourriez-vous parler plus lentement et repeter?
Diane p I can get myself in trouble in Spanish
Paperdoll the only phrase you need to know to get by in France
rbarry <just a dumb old firefighter/medic
jloves_ well we have a city down here that could be a naughty word
jloves_ Punta Gorda
munchin32 whats it mean
katbird329 Hello everyone
jloves_ serious that is the name of a town here in FL
Paperdoll hi katbird
rbarry we have a intercourse and a seamon ala
jloves_ punta can mean like whore
rbarry hey kat
songandance hi jloves hi katbird
jloves_ don't ever call a female punta in Spanish you will get killed over it is all I know
jloves_ hi kat
jloves_ hi tru
songandance rut roh must be like the "C" word or something
jloves_ right
rbarry its fuuny how depending on whether they need something from u or not determines how well they know English
jloves_ think that is the same with anyone who speaks 2 or more languages
songandance the word is actually "puta" and it means whore, #@$@ or prostitute in Spanish
jloves_ right us gringos put the n in it tru lol
Jamaicanmango72 JL my Sister's fluent in 3 languages...
jloves_ I went shopping one time with a friend who was Hispanic but did not look it, we were in the commissary and next thing I know she is going off on 2 ladies

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