Pennyroo1 It's over there richard >>>>
Richard Fitzwell tc kimmie big HUGGGGGGGGGGGG
MoonlightBob only for jameson
Rebel2oo9 Looks down to c
Rebel2oo9 Hey spoony
nnhkevin l am 5 11 in my work boots 6 1 in my cowboy boots
Richard Fitzwell did penny say something ??
CeeBe not by much
wisperr i have a couple really good customers who love jameson toooo
bigstoeboy hi peeps
CeeBe hi spooner
Pennyroo1 Cee could you tell Richard to kiss my butt
Rebel2oo9 Im 5'7' in my cowboy boots
Richard Fitzwell 6'2 no shoes
CeeBe richard penny said kiss her butt
nnhkevin lol cee
bigstoeboy hi mlady
Rebel2oo9 Ewwwwwwww stinky butt
Richard Fitzwell been there done that lol
tallnsassy1966 i'm actually short...i made this s/n to feel taller...i'm only 5'11"
CeeBe lol sassy
bigstoeboy <<<< loves redheads
nnhkevin lol good height tall
tallnsassy1966 lol ty Kevin
CeeBe wb nigel
bigstoeboy yw mlady ^ 5
nnhkevin excellent height too penn
CeeBe good things come in small packages
Rebel2oo9 removed blackeastnj from the room
MoonlightBob i'm the perfect weight for my height. if i was 7' 8"
Rebel2oo9 No comment c
nnhkevin alot taller then me hmmmm never dated someone like that
Rebel2oo9 Ive been told that a few times c
CeeBe haha
wisperr uh oh,, if that's the case, i should be probably 4'0,, ugh
Pennyroo1 Lmao @ reb
Pennyroo1 Wb Ann roo
Rebel2oo9 Well i have
Richard Fitzwell w/b ann big HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Pennyroo1 Still laughing
CeeBe wb ann roo
nnhkevin great height also whisp
CeeBe me too
CeeBe I even snorted
wisperr lol @ kevin, nah,,, tooooooo short
nnhkevin wb ann
Rebel2oo9 Cant say why tho pg room
Pennyroo1 How tall are you kev
wisperr i can barely reach tall kitchen cabinets as it is
whisperingd48 ok goes to corner
annmom34 my chat keeps freezing up
nnhkevin how tall are you wisp
Pennyroo1 C'mon out whisp
Rebel2oo9 Chats lagging
nigel61 good excuse not to cook i say
wisperr kevin, if i stretch really hard,,, i'm 5'2
Pennyroo1 Really bad here reb
CeeBe aww ty whisper

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