Rebel2oo9 Purple fits u mzj lol
mzj421 ★ I guess so now lol ★
lovehappy77 bought a Guinness for SMomma63
Rebel2oo9 Think sm is on brb
Rebel2oo9 Think its time to go inside missys getting cold
mzj421 Keep her warm it's getting cold out
mzj421 Hi don
nnhkevin beautiful here today
rtikulaytgal Hey Don..., Hiya
donhotchkiss5 Hi Whispering
rtikulaytgal Weclome back Limitations...
limitations whispering...
nnhkevin hi jill
limitations rtikulay...thank you
WebAngel Im going to go get something to eat. Bbl
donhotchkiss5 Hi Limitations
mzj421 Hi limitations
limitations don...mzj...thank you
rtikulaytgal C-ya Web - ..., take care
nnhkevin hb web
whisperingd48 tc webangel
Rebel2oo9 Feels warm inside relaxing on sofa with coffee
donhotchkiss5 Hi Barnetta
limitations donhotch...never seen a motorcycle like that ...reminds me of three wheeler and a skooter somehow though I know it is not
Rebel2oo9 I swear missys so spoiled lol
lovehappy77 whispering private chat me
Rebel2oo9 Room For 50 & Over, anyone 35 & under will be suspended. This room is for friends, married or single all are welcome, just be respectful. Ask before pming &/or sending friend requests.State real age when asked or be suspended. Room owners are Jlove_ & Lore
whisperingd48 thank you but no sir
flamingred hello don
nnhkevin hi red
lovehappy77 rebel thanks
flamingred oh just missed roxie darn
limitations Rebel..there is confusion with the inside and outside wording
flamingred hello nnhkevin
rtikulaytgal Hi Red....
flamingred hi wishpering u been here all afternoon ?
mzj421 Hi red
whisperingd48 hi michael
whisperingd48 no red off and on
Michael77840 Hi whispering
limitations Oh Rebel...going to sleep on the job..
whisperingd48 lovei will chat here in the room
Rebel2oo9 Not yet
limitations well no reply to the issue at hand regarding inside and outside wording..
Rebel2oo9 Im back inside house limit
Rebel2oo9 Was outside
Rebel2oo9 Hey meg
megmauthor Rebel...hi
mzj421 It's really cooling off
nnhkevin hi meg
rtikulaytgal Meg.., Hiya...
Rebel2oo9 It is here mzj
megmauthor rti...hi
Rebel2oo9 58 right now
flamingred we have horrible winds up to 100 km /hr
rtikulaytgal Wow.... .., serious wind Red!
nnhkevin omg thats bad
mzj421 Crazy
Rebel2oo9 B glad no fires red
flamingred keeps the snow away, not good weather for men wearing toupees

For anyone over 36, under and fake ages unless tell real age will be booted, PG only. Please show respect, no drama. co-creators loreetx & yukon

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