ConstantlyWorried Substance Property Mass Effect (Existence At Substance Interaction Edge) Quality
ConstantlyWorried It's how existence is existing as substance quality
tomopy atom?
ConstantlyWorried where gain effect has achieved responsiveness to input
ConstantlyWorried like below aether, where existence has not achieved yet anything but itself
ConstantlyWorried if you open up Weak Force Applied To Strengthening Strong Force where force is thingness relative time operand
ConstantlyWorried you would find active interactability, what sets substance quality property
tomopy physics?
ConstantlyWorried lowest level
ConstantlyWorried existence as physics
tomopy lowest level?
tomopy i do not know the concept
ConstantlyWorried the thing that things really are
tomopy sorry for that
tomopy i am not physics student
tomopy i could not cathch up your conversation
ConstantlyWorried that's because i learn it from myself, only gods know it in this universe, it is the supreme knowledge of the way things work
ConstantlyWorried how to master stuff into substance quality properties, turn it into energy, onnesss, heat matter, cause sound,e tc
tomopy but i could not memorize
tomopy in this room
ConstantlyWorried how to change existence as substance properties within hypertime to make it hot, sound, light, etc
ConstantlyWorried it's all perfect knowledge
tomopy come back
tomopy i check it
tomopy i still do not get concept
tomopy sorry for that
ConstantlyWorried represents transference of state or potential for such in an operational system
RealQuestions Hey anyone here who can answer my questions?
RealQuestions What is your scientific background?
brandon_wheeler55 Well saline water
RealQuestions I am looking to speak with a chemist, but it seems to be just me and you.
RealQuestions I am trying to make Isopropyl alcohol and for the life of me can't find instructions online.
RealQuestions Can you help me?
RealQuestions Do you know who can?
brandon_wheeler55 Charlie bickle he use to work in a hospital
ConstantlyWorried I have some chem knowledge, I'm mostly into existence science tho
RealQuestions Do you know how I can make isopropyl alcohol?
RealQuestions I can't find directions online and most people have no clue.
brandon_wheeler55 Corn sugar and a steel
brandon_wheeler55 Look up the resip to moonshine
RealQuestions How is it prepared? And how do I deduce different percentages of concentration from foreign contaminants?
RealQuestions I want to make and publish official instructions.
RealQuestions It's important people know how. It's used in everything and in the event of a catastrophic event it will be needed everywhere and stores will no longer have it.
RealQuestions I am also starting a business that requires a lot of it.
brandon_wheeler55 Havent u ever seen moonshiners lol
RealQuestions For rubbing alcohol.
RealQuestions Thanks guys!
brandon_wheeler55 Well water and shake it to then how ever many seconds it takes for the them to go a way is how strong it is
brandon_wheeler55 I don't wanna leave thanks for everything that's y I used the same email
brandon_wheeler55 Seriously give it to sissy
catshats Hello.
catshats Well back to the idiots I guess.
brandon_wheeler55 I need arise home

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