peda00 Danielle you have your own climate model?
Jeroe n you know wolfram apha
danielletorkkola4174 No, but I would love to learn about it.
Jeroe n hold on i got somethng cool for you
Jeroe n this is a knowledge machine
Jeroe n you can search for all kinds of cool data; or information in general
Jeroe n go to wolframalpha dot com
danielletorkkola4174 that was so cool. What did u want to talk about it?
Jeroe n pick a topic
danielletorkkola4174 Physics, please
peda00 Yeah a new topic would be nice
danielletorkkola4174 got to go see u later
Jeroe n great choice
peda00 He left
peda00 Jeroe you pic one
Jeroe n chemistry
peda00 Minored in chemistry
Jeroe n cool!
Jeroe n i didn't
Jeroe n so.. you teach me
jayjay5664 Huge black cock
peda00 What about jeroe
peda00 Lol do we talk about moles
Jeroe n hold on i am about to get wikipedia opened up
peda00 Do you have an opening topic
Jeroe n no not really
Jeroe n i am currently looking at azeotrope's
peda00 Sort of familiar
danielletorkkola4174 Interesting article. Jeroe, r u in college?
peda00 If i rember righr its how you distill alcohol
Jeroe n nope in between jobs
peda00 Or refine crude oil
Jeroe n and you?
Jeroe n i did learn abouth the refraction process of crude oils
danielletorkkola4174 oh... no, but can't wait to be
Jeroe n what will you study?
danielletorkkola4174 fairly certain physics, but still going to keep my mind open to other possibilities
richard6391 I got a very simple question for you PEDA how many molds in water h2o
Jeroe n physics is great! i have always loved physics, make sure to bookmark wolfram alpha, it will help heaps!
peda00 Jeroe i believe negative azeotypes would ve desalination
peda00 Little rusty
Jeroe n btw peda isn't it the case that with the refraction of crude oil the boiling temp differs because of the lenth of the carbon strain ? so that c2h6 will evaporate sooner as c4h10
Jeroe n i will read up on your other statement
peda00 Yes that's why you have multi tear cooling tower
Jeroe n exactly
peda00 Good example
harrybell16 Puberty 😡😡😭😭😭
danielletorkkola4174 Jeroe, what area of physics is your favourite? I enjoy quantum and relativity, but I'd like to hear your opinion
Jeroe n i always liked thermodynamics & fluid mechanics
Jeroe n quantum is very cool to!
peda00 Jeroe they are cool
danielletorkkola4174 Cool. Do you read many physics papers? I try to, but don't always have the time
Jeroe n no not so much; what is your favorite?
Jeroe n peda i guess you have learnt lots abouth thermo
peda00 Not alot
peda00 But what applies to chemistry and biology
Jeroe n it touches the field of chemistry quite a bit right?
Jeroe n ahh i see
danielletorkkola4174 I enjoyed an article about a theory about reality. It was very interesting. I feel it was more for newbies to physics, because it didn't have many references other papers about the subject.
danielletorkkola4174 Got to go again. Have a nice day!
Jeroe n you too! good luck with your studies!
peda00 Thermodynamics plays alot into metabolic function
Jeroe n i have to go now pead
Jeroe n i might come back later this evening

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