Geek_Approved when you don't think about the money. you made the right decision
Geek_Approved if you'd do that as a volunteer then you made the right decision
Geek_Approved when everyday all you want is to get better at what you're doing/studying you made the right decision
Geek_Approved when you talk to random strangers about your passion you made the right decision lol
abyssalroamer is tools still at it? I have him blocked and I notice you aren't addressing him
Geek_Approved i blocked him too
Geek_Approved bought a Heineken for himself
Geek_Approved that was supposed to be for you aby lo;
Geek_Approved bought a Heineken for abyssalroamer
abyssalroamer ah, thanks.
Geek_Approved yw aby. sorry reality they won't let me buy you even a coke
Geek_Approved too young for coke
abyssalroamer funny, because I was thirsty and looking around for something. thank you
abyssalroamer because of her age?
Geek_Approved yes i guess so. it won't even show the give drink button
Geek_Approved oh well i understand why wire is setup like that and its a good thing
abyssalroamer sure, we can give her advice, but not coke or candy
Geek_Approved lol def not candy
Geek_Approved you know when i was a kid there was this man who showed up once in a while handing out treats from his car to anyone who called him " my friend". i was young and innocent, thought he was just a great man
abyssalroamer he might have been, just not doing it right
Geek_Approved it was so odd seeing this line of kids saying " thank you my friend".......
Geek_Approved mercutio bro ! what's new ?
abyssalroamer I think our protege fell asleep
Geek_Approved mercutio doesn't say much because he's busy working on a cure for cancer
Geek_Approved he's very close to a breakthrough i can sense it
abyssalroamer I can't wait until he passes out the beer
Geek_Approved drinks for everyone on mercutio
Geek_Approved of course he's only doing it for the $$$$
Geek_Approved i've been doing something very strange this summer. drinking dealcolholised beer. it tastes pretty good
abyssalroamer is it? I like beer but don't always need or want a buzz
Geek_Approved its funny how the brain plays tricks sometimes. when i take the first sip i feel a slight temporary buzz , which is impossible
Geek_Approved its like my brain is saying " i remember this taste. time to get drunk buddy"
Geek_Approved i used to hate the taste of beer. funny how hate can turn to love,you know they say there's a very thin line between the two
abyssalroamer I need to head off. that beer was just enough to take off the edge and I'm ready for bed. Thanks for the beer and the chat
Geek_Approved oh that reminds me of something we learned in psychology
abyssalroamer be nice in philo
Geek_Approved did you know that the best of friends often start out as enemies ?
Geek_Approved good night aby
abyssalroamer I can see that. For me it's been more that I didn't think I liked the person
abyssalroamer good night
Geek_Approved apparently the same qualities that can make us enemies also bond us. weird
abyssalroamer good night to reality, too.
Alexis Steele soooo lets have a debate or something....
kenworkinghard ok what shall we debate
Alexis Steele I'll debate anything on any topic. name anything
kenworkinghard ummmmmmmm how about renewable energy??
Alexis Steele awww i was in middle of my reaponce lol /;

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