Sliced Bread
eyezzcreamm I have tried to follow the conversation and i am offically lost
r_steve_morgan56 cause of me prob lol
r_steve_morgan56 i plead temporary insanity
r_steve_morgan56 i yield to greater thinkers than i
OrangePopsicle the platform is like the load up room in the matrix
OrangePopsicle only without walking people in it
OrangePopsicle and u boot any kind of environment, physics material u want
OrangePopsicle only u have to invent ht eyes that see it
OrangePopsicle the hands that hold it
r_steve_morgan56 the platform is a process of assimulation of experience or knowledge?
OrangePopsicle it mus tbe constructed
OrangePopsicle with the tools found in ur temple
OrangePopsicle i must go eat guys
Sliced Bread
OrangePopsicle Sup bread man
djul Hello
djul There are two possibilities either quantum is more precise or hidden variables
OrangePopsicle non locality perhaps means that our concepts of local constructs isnt correct
OrangePopsicle to think that things need to travel through space time to have an affect on other parts of th cosmos is what is wrong
OrangePopsicle our lives cann be intimately link at any given moment of the day perhaps effects re at different times without the need ot som kind of message to travel space time
OrangePopsicle seams the real question of non locality is the concept of real time
OrangePopsicle what is real time?
OrangePopsicle do we live at the same timeS?
djul But how to perceive this wholeness ?
OrangePopsicle is my 12 o'clock the same as yours
OrangePopsicle we can perceive it as a link in between live
djul No its convention
OrangePopsicle each live is connected to onother even without communication between the 2
r_steve_morgan56 hello bread i know your hiding somewhere
OrangePopsicle beep beep beep
OrangePopsicle contacting brea dman
OrangePopsicle local constructs might be organised In a non local way
OrangePopsicle as to say that space time isnt the primary construct
OrangePopsicle likie lovers that have been separated by distance still dance to the same beat
r_steve_morgan56 bread has liftoff bread has liftoff ----------------
OrangePopsicle hes building a toaster
r_steve_morgan56 yes that has counsciouness
r_steve_morgan56 www fund me cause im broke---
r_steve_morgan56 Sorry bread
r_steve_morgan56 forgive me man
OrangePopsicle he snot even here
r_steve_morgan56 helk be back
r_steve_morgan56 i may contribute to his starship if
r_steve_morgan56 the fates allow
r_steve_morgan56 the money god looks at me favorably
r_steve_morgan56 i may have to go bacj to basics man
r_steve_morgan56 tear down all existing institutions
OrangePopsicle im using my knowledge to build me a ticket out of here
r_steve_morgan56 where is here?
OrangePopsicle well they tried putting special coordinates to differentiate here form there
OrangePopsicle but here is always in the same place i guess
r_steve_morgan56 is all knowledge new or can it be added on to?
OrangePopsicle only as good as its purpose
r_steve_morgan56 I understand
OrangePopsicle so I'm using my knowledge to build somthing that will one day have a purpose
OrangePopsicle but its only at the theoretical part
OrangePopsicle its gonna take all my knowledge and effort to build this
r_steve_morgan56 totally alone or with collaboration?
OrangePopsicle its personal
OrangePopsicle and I doubt others will understand
OrangePopsicle no matter how well i paint a picture
OrangePopsicle concept understanding and actual experience driven concept are different thigs
OrangePopsicle i barley understand it
OrangePopsicle but i have a gross picture and ancient tools taht can help me out

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