OrangePopsicle howdy sceince folks
Tanbrown2 Hi guys
Tanbrown2 Well that must have been awkward for ya
Tanbrown2 Very beautiful video dihiya
Tanbrown2 Thank you for sharing
Tanbrown2 I just got off work too
Tanbrown2 But what we share in common must not be od any importance.
Tanbrown2 Take it easy folks
Vulpesvulpes V=∫_[a,b] π[f(x)]²dx.
lifelessons531 people just join and leave?
lifelessons531 and yes science does prove that there may not be a god but there is definitely an astral side of life>
abyssalroamer it seems that if "science" does prove that there "may not be a god" then in that very proof, there may well be a god. A proof that something may or may not exist isn't exactly a proof of anything
F_montana Hey abyss and folks
F_montana Have u seen neski lately by any chance

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