r_steve_morgan56 aint no love in the city baby---- the king of nothing
ipoundbooty hey!!!!!
richard6391 Left the room
mehdi_pedram hey there
mehdi_pedram Thanks nothing especial
mehdi_pedram whats up there?
r_steve_morgan56 wondering if paranormal experices have any validity at all i guess
mehdi_pedram I don't guess so
r_steve_morgan56 but how can we be sure of that?
mehdi_pedram i'm nort sure of any thing I don't just see any proof or strong sign for such things
r_steve_morgan56 to the believer no amount of evidence is needed to the skeptic no amount of evidence is enough
mehdi_pedram when you say para normal you mean what is not normal.so first give me definition of normal
r_steve_morgan56 normal is what everyone else is and your not
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sauerkrautgenie12 We discovered a new solar system and seven planets that may potentially contain alien life~ And with that in mind, they might have just the right conditions to sustain human life as well. If you don't find this fascinating, you trouble me greatly..
Vulpesvulpes Hungerford
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