cantoiiparaiso Why do you write with red font?
Ellie M4 I like to know as much as possible about how Earth and humans were made
Ellie M4 Hey Maria🙂
bpatter789 Ellie....interesting subjects....very different....Earth and human evoution
Ellie M4 Yes indeed
bpatter789 Of course, humans evolved pretty much as did all living things, but the origin of life is still a mystery
zakethbellum2016 Hi everyone
bpatter789 hi Zake
bpatter789 big draft here with all the door opening and closing
Ellie M4 I'd like to know the origin of life 🙂
mariaibraham2007 Verily We created man from a product of wet earth; then placed him as a drop (of seed) in a safe lodging; then We fashioned the drop into a clot, then We fashioned the clot into a little lump, then We fashioned the little lump into bones, then clothed the
mariaibraham2007 bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators!
bpatter789 Ellie....there is a lot of literature filed under's a tough slog with ho firm conclusions
Ellie M4 Thanks for the clarification bu Maria but we need scientific records for the claim
bpatter789 Maria <block> bye bye
zakethbellum2016 That was unusual
McCubus hello Ellie
bpatter789 Quoting the Kuran is not science
Ellie M4 Hey Mc
McCubus hello Zake
zakethbellum2016 Is that what that was from
bpatter789 I'm too tired to check my copy of Kuran, which is not very well indexed. The language may be similar, but taken from other Islanic literature.
daftbubbareturns The problem of the ‘prebiotic and never born proteins’
bpatter789 hi Daft
daftbubbareturns I chose that font color just for cantoii
bpatter789 annoys me too
daftbubbareturns for the rest of you, has the same paper, but open-access
bpatter789 prebiotic and never-born?
bpatter789 Hi Justin
Justin1190 bpatter
bpatter789 Daft....thanks for that link....something to read when I am less tired
Justin1190 Were you guys talking about science from a Quranic aspect or something?
bpatter789 I always read the last page first: Because of this mode of information exchange, the evolutionary process of variation and selection becomes a massively parallel rather than a serial process. This is what allows colonies of microorganisms to rapidly adapt
cantoiiparaiso Hi Bubba, how is going?
cantoiiparaiso I need to tell you that I don't read very well red font
bpatter789 posted some "evidence" for the origin of man by Allah
Justin1190 What evidence was provided?
bpatter789 Verses from the Kuran or other such literature
daftbubbareturns hello, cantoii. It's going ok. each night I sleep in the new tent, my bones get creakier, but I do sleep well. Last night was day 3 and only coyotes howling across the field are the distractions
Justin1190 Oh okay.
daftbubbareturns cantoii, I know about the font issue. I was teasing you
bpatter789 the coyotes sound "musical"
cantoiiparaiso Coyotes..., They are very exotics to me
cantoiiparaiso Ty for the detail
daftbubbareturns my dog likes to work up from her barks and howls to theirs. Sometimes she even sounds like one
daftbubbareturns bp, musical in the same sense that I can compose music
daftbubbareturns I'm sure it might be musical
bpatter789 daft.....I heard a coyote chorus at dusk in SE Arizona, and couldn't believe they were canids until some locals assured me they were coyotes
daftbubbareturns I'm far enough up and out of town so black bears might be an issue. I do know mountain lions are
cantoiiparaiso Around the problem around proteins , it is remarkable for that the inoperative tools looking at proteins, doesn't having the opportunity for the direct observation since the news microscopes made with Galeno lens
McCubus hello Daft
McCubus hello Justin
cantoiiparaiso Gave to scientists the possibility to observe them two years ago
daftbubbareturns a personal "hey" for you, McC
bpatter789 daft....foxes here where I live in Maryland make distinctly different sound....harsh barks and also much lighter sounds trending towards "musical". I sometimes get to "talk" to them.
daftbubbareturns cantoii, I think that we've found enough prebiotics floating around in space to start a lab out there
Justin1190 Hi McCubus
cantoiiparaiso I'm sure proteins soon or yet don't have more mystery
McCubus hello Unknown
Justin1190 It's amazing what they have discovered so far within the cell and how proteins are arranged.
daftbubbareturns I think most everything has mystery. If not, wait until tomorrow's research comes out and a new mystery starts
cantoiiparaiso Well, I hope the satellites will have good landing everytime
cantoiiparaiso I saw Newton is always valid
Justin1190 I've always wanted to read Newton's works.
bpatter789 Daft...whar was the name of the woman who started NCSE?
cantoiiparaiso Good anyway fascinating topic, I would like to follow the news discovery
daftbubbareturns are you thinking of Eugenie Scott?
bpatter789 Yes....thank you....bugs me when I can't remember a name
daftbubbareturns she held an extended chat in aol science room
bpatter789 I didn't see her name on the website
bpatter789 I never attended one of those
daftbubbareturns she's retired and I think she appears way down the page or on a page of emeriti
daftbubbareturns I was home, probably enjoying the peace and quiet, with the kids off at school and my wife up at Berkeley, when the phone rings and it was Genie and my wife. Genie was invited to lead that chat and she wanted to know if that was a good idea.
daftbubbareturns I lied and said it was
McCubus i so like seeing them 3 people talk Canto , Daft and Patter
bpatter789 For those who don't know the name, Eugenie Scott was long a leader in the fight to insist that real science be taught in schools, and not
bpatter789 Creation Science
McCubus science can be applied toeverything

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